Radientum Acquires TreSolver to Offer EMC, EMI, and Self-Interference Debugging Services

Radientum Acquires TreSolver to Offer EMC, EMI, and Self-Interference Debugging Services

Radientum Oy completed the acquisition of all TreSolver Oy on 26th of May 2023. Radientum is an antenna design company. They help customers develop superior antenna solutions for wireless products. With the expertise of design, simulation and testing from Nokia & Microsoft, their engineers can develop antennas from the very first concept innovation through Over-The-Air verification to ready-made prototypes.

TreSolver works to improve EMI and RF performance in products. They operate both in project and in longer term partnership modes by offering design and review packages for fast EMI problem analysis and solving. Their services include:

  • Offering solutions to avoid and solve EMI, RF de-sensing, immunity and radio signal coverage/interoperability issues in products.
  • 3D electromagnetic simulation in use for product EM design verification and performance improvements.
  • EMC/EMI analysis, reviews and problem solving, onsite support.
  • Extensive knowledge of radio communication systems, hardware integration and shielding structures of mobile devices to enable great EMC/EMI performance.

The reason behind the acquisition is to enable future development of EMC/EMI debugging services to meet the growing demand in the market. The acquisition does not affect the services provided by either company.

“Already for several years, Radientum has got engineers from TreSolver to provide EMC, EMI, and self-interference debugging services. Our customers value these services as extensions of our world-known antenna design service. With this acquisition Radientum can now invest in these engineers and integrate the EMI debugging service to be a seamless part of the experience for our customers globally!” said Jukka Sjöstedt, CEO of Radientum.

“The completion of this acquisition by Radientum helps us to secure and improve EMC and EMI services to our customers in Finland and to expand to global markets. Changes in daily work life are minimal as we have already shared a common office,” said Timo Yli-Pietilä, CEO of TreSolver.

For the time being Tresolver continues as a subsidiary of Radientum in preparation for a merger estimated to happen later this year.

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