Best Love, Death + Robots episodes

Love, Death + Robots contains its premise in its title, and while not every episode features any one of those, most of them have either death, love, or robots in some shape or form. Form is important here. This anthology contains 35 animated episodes spread over three seasons, but fear not time-starved sci-fi lover, each one tells a separate story and none last more than 22 minutes. What you get are unique and original tales, but many are adapted from heavyweight sci-fi writers, big names such as Harlan Ellison, Neal Asher, Ken Liu, and J.G. Ballard, among others. As you would expect, the episodes can vary a lot in their execution of their subject matter.

The stories roam around the world, across time periods, and different sci-fi subgenres, even fantasy. What is coherent, however, is a sense of style. It is not for the faint of heart, with violence and gore, sex and spookiness, cursed language, and adult themes, handled by various production companies. Animation studios from the likes of France, Japan, Russia, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, and the U.S., to mention just a few, means cutting-edge animation work, from traditional 2D to the most lifelike CGI.

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