Lego Star Wars Endor Speeder Chase Diorama review

Essential Info:

Price: $79.99/£69.99

Model number: 75353

Number of pieces: 608

Dimensions: 8 x 11 x 7 inches / 20 x 28 x 18 cm

Recommended age: 18+

Released this April, the Lego Star Wars Endor Speeder Chase Diorama is one of three new diorama sets to come from Lego. Part of Return of the Jedi’s 40th anniversary celebrations, this set recreates the moment Luke and Leia are pursuing a Scout Trooper through the forests of Endor on the back of a speeder.

It’s an action-packed, fast-paced scene with motion hard to truly recreate in Lego bricks, but Lego has done a fantastic job of bringing this cinematic moment to life. Hand on heart, we can say that this is one of the best Lego Star Wars sets we’ve seen, especially for the price. Although if you’re after some savings, do keep an eye on our Lego Star Wars deals hub to see the latest offers on Lego Star Wars sets.

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Lego Star Wars Endor Speeder Chase: The build

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