Unity apologizes for Runtime Fee plan announcement, details further changes

What you need to know

  • Unity recently a controversial set of new terms governing fees for engine users based on the number of times a game was installed. 
  • The new terms were received extremely poorly across the gaming industry, with Unity apologizing and planning to change in response to feedback. 
  • Unity has shared a new set of guidelines, with currently-existing games not affected by the Runtime Fee.

Unity is backpedaling from its prior position, though some controversial changes remain. 

In an open letter to the community at large, Unity president and Unity Create lead Marc Whitten shared on Friday that “I am sorry” and that the company is adjusting its recent controversial changes to accommodate the feedback from developers in the gaming industry.

“We want to continue to build the best engine for creators,” Whitten writes. “We truly love this industry and you are the reason why.”

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