Review: Waterfield’s Air Porter Backpack is made for flights

I’m the kind of person who brings most of my best tech on travels. This means I need a heavy-duty bag that provides the storage space and durable design necessary for toting my laptop, a tablet, handheld gaming systems, their cases, respective charging cables, and other belongings. Finding the best laptop backpacks for my tech isn’t easy, so my eyes lit up when I saw that Waterfield was releasing the Air Porter Backpack.

It’s specifically designed to fit under most airplane seats and provides zippers that make your belongings easily accessible while in flight. To test this bag out, I used it as my carry-on while flying across the United States on vacation with my husband. We packed it with all our favorite devices, which provided the best tech air travel experience I’ve ever had. It’s not entirely perfect, but it’s damn near it.

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