Forget OLED TVs — this 100-inch 4K projector is going to blow gamers away

Watch out OLED TVs, BenQ’s new projectors could become some of the best gaming TVs…well, projectors. Coinciding with last weekend’s Tokyo Game Show event, projector maker BenQ unveiled a new series of 4K projectors that are aimed squarely at gamers. The lineup includes the new BenQ X3100i, X500i and X300G that deliver 100 inches of 4K HDR at 60Hz or 1440p@120hz with latency as low as 8.3ms. 

The projectors mainly vary by their light output — they deliver 3300 lumens, 2200 lumens and 2000 lumens, respectively — and size, though the high-end X3100i is also capable of vertical lens shift and covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color space. The X3100i is a successor to one of the best projectors of 2022, the BenQ X3000i, so it’s great to see the series getting a gaming-focused upgrade for 2023.

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