‘Ahsoka’ season 1 episode 7 review: Fast-paced action in the vein of Rebels ahead of the big finale

Whether you like the overall direction of the show or not, it’s hard to deny Ahsoka has been a surprising ride with a voice of its own. While the marketing suggested the new Dave Filoni-led series would essentially be a fifth season of Star Wars Rebels (but in live-action), the final result is more of a deeply spiritual expansion of the Star Wars universe’s stranger side alongside nimble adventures, something which culminated completely with last week’s fable-like chapter.

Episode 7 is titled ‘Dreams and Madness’ and was directed by Geeta Vasant Patel (House of the Dragon). For the most part, it’s perhaps the safest and most relaxed episode since the third one. However, the plot inevitably marches towards a time-sensitive conclusion that could spell trouble for our team of heroes and the entire galaxy (the one we know and love). In fact, Hera Syndulla and the New Republic’s subplot continues this week with a reunion on Coruscant which includes an unexpected legacy cameo.

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