7 Best Quiet Tires Reviews & Buying Guide

Considered one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the wheel simplified human transportation. Tires improve ride quality during transportation by offering better handling and comfort. While driving your car on a paved road, the sound created by the tire might distract you and interrupt the cabin’s peace. Since this noise can be significantly louder than the engine, quieter tires become desirable.

Quiet tires are similar to the regular tires in terms of size. What makes them “quiet” is the adaption of a different tread block pattern. The placement of the tread block significantly impacts reducing the tire noise, without compromising traction and handling. Before we go into details of these tires, you must be aware of certain factors related to the quiet tires.

  • Size: A quiet tire’s size is important since it affects the overall noise generation. Before buying the tire, users must check if the tire will fit their vehicles before buying it. The tire size is usually shown as a long code, which includes its width, type, ratio, and other factors. The size of quiet tires ranges from 185/55R15 to 275/65R18.
  • Load Index and Load Capacity: The load index and load capacity matter for a quiet tire, too. The load index of a tire tells us about the loading capacity of that tire. With the help of a load index, users can select a tire that suits their loading conditions. The load index ranges from 83 to 116 while the load capacity ranges between 1047 lbs to 2756 lbs.
  • Speed Rating: Every type of tire has a specific speed rating which decides the permissible speed for its safety. The speed rating contributes to the performance of the quiet tire when the vehicle is moving. At higher speeds, a tire with a low-speed rating will be unsafe for the passengers and vice versa. The speed rating for quiet tires ranges between R to W.

When these factors are considered, users can select a quiet tire without compromising safety and performance. The market is already flooded with various quiet tires from different brands. To avoid confusion, we will discuss a detailed list of the best quiet tires in this article. We will also go through a “Buying Guide” and FAQ section to educate ourselves as consumers.

Best Quiet Tires Table

Best Quiet Tires Reviews

1. Fullway Quiet TireFullway Quiet Tire

Being a sub-brand of the legendary Fullrun Tyre Corporation, Fullway follows the footsteps of its parent company. It offers a world-class range of tires for every vehicle segment using premium high-quality material.

The Fullway HP108 All-Season is a high-performance unit. It has a W speed rating and comfortably runs at a maximum speed of 270 kmph/168 mph. The tires feature a 225mm cross-sectional width and an aspect ratio of 45. Using a 4-ply construction, the tire gets a load index of 95. As a result, you can load 1512 lbs of weight on a single unit.

The 26-inch tall tire can easily fit a rim measuring 18 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide. The treads have a depth of 32/32nds which maximizes surface contact. As a result, the ride becomes smooth and quiet. The treads also assist in handling the vehicle in all types of seasons. Due to these specifications, this tire is suitable for passenger cars.

Best Features:

  • A high-performance radial tire with all-season capabilities
  • Tire size: 225 mm section width, 45 tire aspect ratio, 18 inches rim size
  • The load index of 95 and load capacity of 1521 lbs
  • The speed rating of W for a maximum speed of 270 kmph/168 mph
  • Ply rating of 4-ply
  • Rim width of 7.5 inches
  • Treads with 32/32nds depth
  • Suitable for passenger vehicles


  • This tire is suitable for users who seek performance with safety
  • It does not easily slip over wet surfaces
  • It is one of the aggressively priced tires in its segment


  • This tire is not suitable for heavy off-roading

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2. Hankook Quiet TireHankook Quiet Tire

The Korean legend Hankook offers a range of tires for the modern and changing world. It designs these tires in a way to tackle any problem faced by the amateurs as well as the professional drivers.

The Hankook Kinergy ST H735 Radial Tire offers consistent performance throughout the year. This radial tire has a sectional width of 215 mm and a tire aspect ratio of 55. Certified with a SL ply rating, the tire uses two wide steel belts. As a result, it gets a load index of 94 to lift a load of 1477 lbs easily. The tire can comfortably fit a 17-inch rim with a width of 7 inches.

It quickly gets you to a safe location, thanks to a speed rating of H for 210 kmph/130 mph top speed. The symmetrical tread pattern with a depth of 8/32nds assures stability and precise handling at corners. The tire can also hold a maximum air pressure of 45 pounds per square inch.

Best Features:

  • A high-performance radial tire with all-season capabilities
  • Tire size: 215 mm section width, 55 tire aspect ratio, 17 inches rim size
  • The load index of 94 and load capacity of 1477 lbs
  • The speed rating of H for a maximum speed of 210 kmph/130 mph
  • Ply rating of SL
  • Rim width of 7 inches
  • Treads with 8/32nds depth
  • Features a symmetrical type of tread


  • The tread block effectively decreases noise levels at higher speeds
  • All-seasonal performance of this tire is impressive
  • The traction remains consistent for unpaved roads


  • The tire struggles on race track conditions

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3. Vercelli Quiet TireVercelli Quiet Tire

A supplier of premium tires, Vercelli manufactures innovative products. It focuses on developing tires that favor performance and deliver a value-for-money experience to the users.

The Vercelli VC295 Strada II All-Season Radial Tire is suitable for testing your vehicle’s limit. This tire gets a higher W speed rating to safely run your vehicles at a top speed of 270 kmph/168 mph. Its 225 mm width offers enough surface area to improve traction at all speeds. With a tire aspect ratio of just 40, your car can maintain a low center of gravity.

The tires have a load index of 92 to carry 1389 lbs of weight individually. With a total height of 25.1 inches, this tire comfortably fits an 18-inch rim. The directional threads have a depth of 10/32nds to offer noise reduction. Being an M+S-rated tire, you perform well in both mud and snow conditions.

Best Features:

  • A high-performance radial tire with all-season capabilities
  • Tire size: 225mm section width, 40 tire aspect ratio, 18 inches rim size
  • The load index of 92 and load capacity of 1389 lbs
  • The speed rating of W for a maximum speed of 270 kmph/168 mph
  • All-season M+S rating
  • Tire diameter of 25.1 inches
  • Treads with 10/32nds depth
  • Features directional-type treads


  • One of the selective tires that shows better traction on mud and snow
  • The noise levels are very minor and not easily heard
  • It is one of the budget-oriented tires in the performance segment


  • It is not suitable for offroading

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4. Cooper Quiet TireCooper Quiet Tire

Being present in the tire market for several decades, Starfire Tires uses this experience to develop an exciting range of tires. It assures consumers an unmatched quality and safety by extensively testing its products.

The Starfire Solarus HT All-Season Tire lets you conquer any type of terrain. This touring tire features a wider 245 mm section to offer more traction. With a tire aspect ratio of 60, the tire helps improve your vehicle’s ground clearance. It gets a load index of 105 to endure a maximum weight of 2039 lbs. Standing at 29.69 inches tall, this tire easily fits an 18-inch rim.

The tire can also run at a top speed of 210 kmph/130mph, thanks to a speed rating of H. Its symmetrical 5-rib highway tread pattern helps handle large vehicles like SUVs and trucks. This tire is M+S rated and features a tread depth of 10.5/32nds, wet grip grooves, and traction sipes. As a result, the tires quietly run on all types of terrain for 50,000 miles.

Best Features:

  • Touring radial tire with all-season capabilities
  • Tire size: 245mm section width, 60 tire aspect ratio, 18 inches rim size
  • The load index of 105 and load capacity of 2039 lbs
  • The speed rating of H for a maximum speed of 210 kmph/130mph
  • All-season M+S rating
  • Tire diameter of 29.69 inches
  • Treads with 10.5/32nds depth
  • Features symmetrical type 5-rib highway treads
  • Suitable for CUVs, SUVs, and trucks


  • It gets a treadwear warranty for 50,000 miles
  • It has wet grip grooves and traction sipes which reduce noise and improve traction in every terrain
  • A bigger aspect ratio of the tire helps in improving the ground clearance


  • It is not suitable for low-profile cars

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5. Summit Quiet TireSummit Quiet Tire

Created as a value-focused brand, Summit Tires believes in using new technologies in its products. As a result, it has developed an affordable range of performance tires for consumers.

The Summit Ultramax A/S All-Season Tire assures a good performance at a fraction of the cost. Made up of Silica compound, the tire features a 225 mm wide section with an aspect ratio of 65. With a 4-ply rating and load index of 100, the tire can easily load a weight of 1764 lbs. The speed rating of H assures the user of safety at a maximum speed of 210 kmph/130mph.

Measuring over 27.50 inches in diameter, this tire easily fits a 16-inch rim. It features a symmetrical tread with a variable pitch design which reduces the noise. With the 10/32nds depth, the treads offer better traction on wet surfaces. The specifications of this performance tire make it suitable for passenger cars.

Best Features:

  • A high-performance radial tire with all-season capabilities
  • Tire size: 225mm section width, 65 tire aspect ratio, 16 inches rim size
  • The load index of 100 and load capacity of 1764 lbs
  • The speed rating of H for a maximum speed of 210 kmph/130mph
  • Ply rating of 4
  • Tire diameter of 27.50 inches
  • Treads with 10/32nds depth
  • Features symmetrical type treads with variable pitch design
  • Suitable for passenger vehicles


  • It is the most aggressively priced tire on the list
  • It offers superior wet traction and minimizes rolling resistance at higher speeds
  • It comes with a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles


  • It struggles for traction on rocky terrain

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6. Pirelli Quiet TirePirelli Quiet Tire

Pirelli’s presence in the premium tire market has been more than a century. Known for its high-end products, it offers unmatched quality and durability in tires for every segment of vehicles.

The 116T PIRELLI SCORPION ALL TERRAIN Tires offer enough confidence for going off-road. This tire features the widest section of 275 mm with an aspect ratio of 65. Built for all types of terrain, it gets a load index of 116 and comfortably loads over 2756 lbs. Being a chunkier tire, it will still not affect speed thanks to a speed rating of T for 190 kmph/118 mph.

With a diameter of 32.1 inches, it comfortably fits an 18-inch rim, thereby increasing the ground clearance of your vehicle. With 13/32 deep symmetrical treads and 4-ply construction, these tires offer better grip and strength in off-road conditions. On top of all these specifications, Pirelli also assures a tread life of 50,000 miles. It can endure a maximum of 44 PSI of air pressure.

Best Features:

  • An offroad radial tire with all-season and all-terrain capabilities
  • Tire size: 275mm section width, 65 tire aspect ratio, 18 inches rim size
  • The load index of 116 and load capacity of 2756 lbs
  • The speed rating of T for a maximum speed of 190 kmph/118 mph
  • The 4-ply rating for the SL load range
  • Tire diameter of 32.1 inches
  • Tread with 13/32nds depth
  • Symmetrical tread type
  • Suitable for SUVs and trucks


  • It is the best tire for off-roading
  • It offers the highest load-bearing capacity on the list
  • It gets a tread life warranty of 50,000 miles


  • This tire is priced higher than other units on the list

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7. Yokohama Quiet TireYokohama Quiet Tire

After ruling the Japanese Domestic Market, Yokohama successfully created a buzz in the global market. By adapting Japan’s cutting-edge technology, it consistently delivers high-quality in its tire range.

The YOKOHAMA AVID ASCEND GT All Season Radial Tire is suitable for sedan and compact cars. It features a smaller sectional width of 185 mm and an aspect ratio of 55. The load index of 82 allows the loading of 1047 lbs on each tire. Tested for a speed rating of V, this tire can achieve a maximum speed of 240 kmph/ 149 mph. This grand touring tire easily fits a rim of 15 inches.

This tire uses an asymmetrical tread pattern to offer better handling and braking on wet or snowy surfaces. The 12/32nds depth of treads quickly removes water from the tire’s surface. The diameter of the tire measures only 23 inches, making it suitable for low-profile settings. Using the TriBLEND compound technology, noise levels are significantly reduced from the tire.

Best Features:

  • A grand touring radial tire with all-season capabilities
  • Tire size is 185mm section width, 55 tire aspect ratio, 15 inches rim size
  • The load index of 82 and load capacity of 1047 lbs
  • The speed rating of V for a maximum speed of 240 kmph/149 mph
  • Tire diameter of 23 inches
  • Tread with 12/32nds depth
  • Features asymmetrical tread pattern
  • Suitable for sedans or compact passenger vehicles


  • It is one of the most lightweight tires on the list
  • It is suitable for vehicles with smaller rims
  • The TriBLEND compound technology effectively reduces tire noise and improves braking


  • This tire has the lowest load-bearing capacity

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Buying Guide For The Best Quiet Tires

Using a quiet tire for your vehicle can significantly reduce the noise experienced in the cabin. For combustion engine cars, these tires help in reducing vibrations and noises. For electric vehicles, quiet tires work as aerodynamic units while reducing noise. We have already gone through the specifications and features of the best quiet tires. With the help of this buying guide, you will understand the relationship between quiet ties and governing factors.

1. Type Of Tire

There are several types of tires since each type of vehicle will have a different requirement for handling and comfort. For the sole reason, the quiet tires are available for various applications. We will be discussing each type of tire below.

a. Passenger Tires (Including All-Season Capabilities)

The passenger tires are designed for the day to day usage. These tires are also designed in a way to endure the changing seasons. Passenger tires are most comfort-oriented as they are used for passenger vehicles. To reduce noise on these tires, the tread pattern is optimized. These types of tires are denoted by the letter “P” on the tire code. Similarly, all-season tires are usually denoted by “M+S” letters (M for mud, S for snow).

b. Touring Tires

The touring tires are similar to the passenger tires, with some major differences. Unlike passenger tires, these tires are suitable for cruising at higher speeds for longer distances. Also known as grand-touring tires, these units have a more modern design to reduce the noise and increase handling while driving on paved and dirt roads.

c. Highway Tires

On the highways, a vehicle has to cruise at high speed on changing road temperatures. Normal tires are prone to bursting due to increased tire temperatures. The highway tires are designed in a way that offer better heat dissipation. Apart from this, these tires also have good water-wading properties in case users have to drive on a rainy day.

d. Off-Road Tires

Normal tires are good only for paved roads, including asphalt or cement roads. If you want to go offroad, these trees will not be able to endure the harsh conditions. The off-roads have bigger tread blocks to offer better handling in off-road conditions. These tires help increase the vehicle’s ground clearance due to a higher tire ratio. Being an all-terrain unit, these tires are found on the larger off-road SUVs or trucks.

e. High And Ultra-High Performance Tires

High and Ultra-high-performance tires are developed for users who love to test the extreme limits of their vehicles. The high-performance tires are used for track conditions where a vehicle can reach higher speeds. These tires show better heat dissipation and improved handling at corners. Similarly, ultra-high-performance tires are an extreme version of high-performance tires. These tires have the highest speed rating and can be found on exotic performance cars.

2. Tire Size

Theoretically, a tire with less width is recommended to make less noise. However, brands have developed special patterns on their wide tires to reduce noise. Every tire has a certain designation, like 225/50R16, which includes all the important information. Here, the “225” value indicates the tire’s cross-sectional width (in mm). The “50” value indicates the tire’s aspect ratio (height’s percent compared to the width). “R” refers to the construction type of the tire. In this case, the tires feature a radial ply construction. The next “16” value refers to the suitable rim size for the tire (in inches). The quiet tires are available between the 185/55R15 to 275/65R18 range.

3. Load Index And Load Capacity

A tire offers motion to the vehicle and has to endure its load. The load index mentioned on a tire indicates the maximum load it can carry. For example, for a tire number “180/50R15 95V”, the “95” is shown as its load index. Every load index has a different load capacity, found via a load index chart. In this case, the “95” load index shows that the tire can endure up to 1521 lbs of load. The quiet tires are available with index loads ranging between 83 to 116. This range further converts into a load capacity of 1047 lbs to 2756 lbs.

4. Speed Rating

Since a tire must rotate at different speeds, the user must know its speed rating. The speed rating is directly related to the tire’s permissible speed. Under the specified speed rating, the tire will offer the best handling, reduced noise, and better heat dissipation. The speed rating starts alphabetically from A to Y (except the letter H, which appears between U and V). This rating is given for a speed range of up to 300 kmph. Beyond this limit, the Z or ZR designation is provided to the tire. The speed rating is mostly the last alphabet of the tire’s code. For the “200/55R17 95V” tire, the “V” value indicates a speed rating of 240 kmph (149 mph).

5. Noise

Since users focus on the noise levels, it has to be the major factor for the “quiet” tires. Every brand performs rigorous tests on their tires to deliver a quieter tire. Adopting an efficient design, better materials, and other factors helps reduce a tire’s noise levels. Noise levels of a tire are measured by running a vehicle in front of a noise level measuring device. The engine is killed before entering the range of this device to measure pure noise levels. The regular tires produce over 70 to 80 dB of noise at high speeds. The quiet tires produce over 55 to 70 dB of noise at high speeds.

6. Uniform Tire Quality Grading

The Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) is a special rating created by a government agency. It offers various information related to the tire, including the traction, temperature, and treadwear factors. This rating indirectly affects the noise levels generated by the tire. The traction factor tells us if the tire sticks to the road in wet conditions. Graded from AA to C, the tire with the lowest rating (AA) will need a short distance to stop. The treadwear rating refers to the wearing of the tire under specific conditions. The temperature category checks how resistant the tires are against heat. Rats from A to C, the “A” rating shows the highest resistance against heat. If the tire shows a better UTQG rating for these factors, it will last longer and generate less noise.

7. Tread Pattern

The tread pattern also governs the noise levels created by a quiet tire. The large treads found on off-road type tires usually generate more noise. The hardness of the treads contacts the surface at higher speeds, creating audio waves. Softer treads found on the passenger tires absorb the sound waves. The tread pattern can also be kept complex to reduce the flow of audio waves through the gaps. A contoured or streamlined pattern does not create higher noise levels and is favorable for quiet tires.

8. Tire Warranty

Warranty for quiet tires includes a different term called treadwear warranty. Simply put, the brand offers a warranty for the tire against wearing. The tire’s rubber creates friction with the road surface during its operation. As a result, the rubber layers wear off with the passing of time and usage. If the tire wears beyond a specified depth within guaranteed kilometers or miles, the brand offers discounted or a full replacement of the tire. The treadwear warranty acts as a quality assurance from the brand to the users. Users can get over 20,000 to 40,000 miles of treadwear warranty. Some brands also offer a time of 4 to 5 years as a warranty factor.

Best Quiet Tires – FAQs

1. What factors make a tire quiet?

Ans: Certain factors of a quiet tire affect its noise levels. The design of treads can lower or increase the noise levels. Some tires use noise-cancelling layers to reduce the transfer of noises and vibrations from the wheels. Apart from this, the material, tire size, and other factors also affect noise generation from a tire.

2. Are quiet tires cheaper or more expensive?

Ans: The overall pricing of a quiet tire depends on its specifications. A quiet tire of small size and lower speed rating is usually priced lower. Larger sizes of quiet tire with a higher speed rating is made up of premium material. They also feature multiple layers of rubber to add rigidness and safety. As a result, these types of quiet tires will cost more.

3. What is the average lifespan of a quiet tire?

Ans: Every brand assures a certain lifespan for their quiet tires, depending on their official test results. Since these tests are done in a controlled environment, the real-life lifespan of a tire varies. The usage frequency of the tire, the quality of the surface, the type of material used to manufacture the tires, and many other factors govern the life of a quiet tire. Usually, the quiet tires last for 3 to 5 years or 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

4. Do you have to replace all a vehicle’s tires at once?

Ans: If you have installed all the tires at the same time, it is recommended to replace them at the same time. When the set of tires is used, the wearing is usually consistent on each unit. Besides this, if a single tire suffers damage, it can be replaced individually. The high-speed tires are replaced by checking their wear through a professional.

5. Do quiet tires affect fuel efficiency?

Ans: The desired qualities of a quiet tire indirectly affect the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Quiet tires are streamlined and have closely placed tread blocks. As a result, less air is trapped between the tread gaps. This improves the tire surface’s aerodynamics, reducing air drag over the tires. As a result, the vehicle shows noticeable fuel efficiency.


Who would have thought that tires can create noise during driving? The quiet tires have saved the users from these types of irritating noises while driving. These tires not only reduce cabin noise but also help increase vehicles’ fuel efficiency. With better specifications, users can move heavy loads at higher speeds without worrying about tire noise. This article explains some of the best quiet tires available in the market. It also offers a buying guide and FAQ section to improve the selection process. Referring to this discussion, we have chosen our favorite units from the list.

  • If you love off-roading and want to transport heavy loads, the 116T PIRELLI Quiet Tire are designed for off-road adventures. They have a 275 mm width and a 65 aspect ratio to promote traction and rigidity. With a 116 load index, you can comfortably carry 2,756 lbs on each tire. Along with a robust build, a speed rating of T helps the tire reach a speed of 190 kmph (118 mph). Suitable for 18-inch rims, it gets 13/32-inch deep symmetrical treads and a 4-ply rating to maximize durability in off-road conditions. Pirelli guarantees a tread life of 50,000 miles for this tire.

  • A limited budget will not interrupt your dreams of experiencing quiet tires, thanks to the Summit Quiet Tire. Made up of silicon compound, it promises solid performance while being budget-friendly. This tire boasts a width of 225 mm and a 65 aspect ratio. With a 4-ply rating and a load index of 100, it can effortlessly support a load of up to 1,764 lbs. Its H-speed rating ensures safety at speeds of up to 210 kmph (130 mph). It is compatible with the 16-inch rims, found on the passenger cars. Its symmetrical tread design uses variable pitch to minimize noise. With a 10/32nds depth, the treads offer improved traction on wet surfaces.

  • To get better all-terrain capabilities at aggressive pricing, the Fullway Quiet Tire is a value-for-money deal. This tire has a speed rating of W which helps in achieving a top speed of 270 kmph (168 mph). It features a 225 mm section width and an aspect ratio of 45. The load index of 95 and 4-ply rating ensure that the tire will endure a weight capacity of 1,512 lbs. This tire can be mounted on an 18-inch rim with a 7.5-inch width. The 32/32nds deep treads offer better absorption of audio waves to ensure a quieter ride in all seasons. The user gets all the specifications at a justified price tag.

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