Copilot for Windows 11 is too slow for an AI assistant.

Microsoft’s new AI Copilot for Windows 11 is now rolling out, but it’s still too slow to be something that people are actually going to want to use. I highlighted this issue when the Windows Copilot first launched in preview back in June; the AI model takes too long to process your commands or queries, to a point where it makes more sense to do the task or find the information yourself.

The only scenario where Copilot makes sense is with complex tasks, asking it to handle multiple search queries and present it as a single answer. In that example, Copilot is fantastic. I can ask it how many Xbox Series X retail boxes I can fit in the back of my Tesla Model 3, and Copilot will do the research to:

  1. Find out the dimensions of an Xbox Series X retail box
  2. Find out the dimensions of a Tesla Model 3 trunk
  3. Do the math to come to an answer

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