BAE T-600 drone makes history by dropping a torpedo in a world-first

In what has been described as a “world first,” a BAE Systems/Malloy Aeronautics T-600 heavy lift Uncrewed Air System (UAS) was used to launch an inert Sting Ray training torpedo during a recent North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) exercise. Conducted in waters off the coast of Portugal, many of the world’s militaries have watched the exercise with keen eyes.

A “world first”

The test was part of the exercise of NATO’s Robotic Experimentation and Prototyping with Maritime Uncrewed Systems (REPMUS) 2023. It involved fifteen different NATO partners and representatives from Ireland and Sweden.

“In just two years since we launched our collaboration with Malloy, we’ve developed a heavy lift UAS and, working with the UK Royal Navy and Portuguese Navy, have taken part in the latest NATO REPMUS exercise,” said Neil Appleton, Head of Sustainable Electric Products, BAE Systems Air. “The demonstration showcased the capability of our T-600 technology demonstrator, carrying an inert Sting Ray torpedo in front of the world’s premier naval forces.”

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