Best Ground Resistance Tester Reviews & Buying Guide

Ground resistance tester/ meter is a dedicated tool used to measure the electrical resistance of the ground. This electrical instrument is also known as an earth ground tester, specialised to check the reliability of the grounding system before installing an electronic system with proper safety. It works on the basic principle of Ohm’s Law, which calculates the resistance of the ground by identifying the dropped voltage.

Simply, the ground resistance is directly proportional to the voltage drop. Once the resistance is identified, it is displayed on the screen and typically represented in Ohms as an SI unit. The ground resistance tester is used in many electrical applications to prevent the risk of electrical hazards. Be it telecommunication installations, industrial tool installations or residential applications.

  • Measurement Range: Measurement range in the ground resistance tester is nothing but the device’s capability to measure the resistance range. The measurement range varies according to the device, model & brand. There are products in the market with a low and high resistance range. Depending upon the user requirement and application.
  • Resolution Range: Resolution range is another important factor for the ground resistance tester. The resolution range actually identifies the detailing or precision of the device. The higher the value is, the more precise and accurate ratings can be captured. The resolution range defines the precise value a device can deliver while calculating the resistance.
  • Accuracy: Like other measuring instruments, accuracy plays an important role for the ground resistance tester. It is very crucial to identify the proper resistance value, whereas it completely depends on the device and on some environmental factors.

There are many products available in the market with different brands and features, but in order to purchase a perfect match to your needs we have listed some important features above and also added a “Buying Guide” later for a better and easier understanding of the product. Here are some of the best ground resistance testers available now.

Best Ground Resistance Tester Chart

Best Ground Resistance Tester Reviews

1. ETCR Resistance Tester

ETCR Resistance TesterETCR is one of the most dedicated brands working in the field of electrical measuring instruments. It may have less variety of product range but surely delivers the best quality.

Today we have a fantastic product on the top of our list with a brand name ETCR the ETCR ETCR2100A+. A battery (4 AA battery) powered device with all the features for a user looking for a ground resistance tester. It comes with a measuring range of  0.01Ω to 200Ω, which is more than sufficient to identify the resistance of grounding systems and the conductors. Not just that it also has the resolution range of 0.001Ω, which gives you a very precise value in increments up to 0.001Ω. Along with that, it offers you a high resistance accuracy of ±1%±0.01Ω.

If data logging and record storing are discussed, the device can store up to 99 sets of readings. It also comes with an alarm system for a quick notification to turn on – off the device with a Beep sound. It has an alarm threshold setting ranging from 1 to 199Ω. Also, it has a boot system that automatically turns off the device in 5 minutes right after booting up

Best Features:

  • It has a huge clamp size of Φ32mm, and the opening can be extended up to 32mm.
  • It has a self-bootup system that automatically turns off the device in 5 minutes after boot-up


  • It consumes a maximum of 50mA of power even if used continuously for 30 hours at normal working.
  • It supports 6VDC 4 PCS – AA (Alkaline batteries)


  • Measuring range could have been better

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2. Extech Resistance Tester

ETCR Resistance TesterExtech is a brand known for its product accuracy along with the best features. Extech store is famous for offering a variety of products range be it for residential or commercial measuring appliances.

The next product on our list is Extech 382252, a handy tool that comes with all the necessary hardware to measure the ground resistance in 3 different ranges from 20 Ohms to 200 Ohms. It also comes with a resolution range of 0.01Ω/0.1Ω/1Ω to get the most precise value. It also offers an accuracy of ±(2%rdg+2d) to get the best results.

With all the great features, the Extech 382252 has secured second in today’s list. Its exceptional multi-function kit allows users to test the AC/DC voltage and that up to the range of 750V & 1000V(AC & DC) along with the resistance and continuity. Not just that, the huge display with compact design really makes it an ideal match for the users.

Best Features:

  • It has a huge measuring range of 20 ohms to 2000 ohms
  • It has a multi-function kit to test voltage, resistance & continuity.


  • It comes with a huge display screen for clear readings.
  • It includes all the necessary hardware to measure the ground resistance


  • Resolution range could have been more precise

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3. DLG Resistance Tester

DLG Resistance TesterDLG is a fresh brand in the market with all the positive notes to deliver the best quality & high accuracy with advanced technology in each & every product.

At number three in our today’s list, we have DLG Clamp-On, A device with a traditional design and structure but has all the required and additional features. This device comes with a measuring range of 0.01Ohm to 1000 Ohm, which is comparatively war higher than other products in the market. And not just that it also comes with a resolution range of 0.001Ohm to deliver the most precise values with high accuracy.

The DLG Clamp On also offers an advanced data upload feature with the help of a USB connection. It has also given a range of software to understand the compatibility of the device such as Windows 2000/ XP/ Visits. It also comes with a large LCD display (1.8 x 1.1. inch) to clearly visualise readings. Not just that it also has a data logging capacity of 99 data points, a fantastic combination of advanced technology with the traditional design.

Best Features:

  • It supports USB data transferring through a range of listed software
  • It has a high measurement range along with a resolution range


  • It comes with a huge LCD display
  • It has a data logging capacity of 99 points set


  • Much expensive as compared to any other product

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4. LAKAGO Resistance Tester

LAKAGO Resistance TesterLAKAGO may have been a new entry to the market, but it has definitely managed to mark his position by its product quality and consistency.

Next in the list, we have ETCR2100A+ by LAKAGO. This digital ground resistance tester comes with a measurement range of 0.01Ω to 200Ω, a resolution range of 0.001Ω and a Highest Resistance Accuracy of ±1%±0.01Ω. A powerful combination of these features in order to achieve the best result from the product.

Not just that, the device also comes with some amazing additional features, such as an automatic measurement frequency of 50/60 Hz. Also, it gives an indication of low battery in order to take the necessary precautions. The most important thing is the ETCR2100A+ by LAKAGO has a data memory of 99 sets that allow users to store the values and prepare them for the final analysis. Also, the data stored in the device can be transferred to the computer with the help of the RS232 interface and data wire.

Best Features:

  • It has a data transfer feature to upload it on a computer with the help of an RS232 interface and data wire
  • Data Logging: data memory up to 99 sets


  • It has the highest resistance accuracy
  • It gives an indication of low battery for data safety precautions


  • Screen Size could have been better

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5. ETCR ETCR2100+ Resistance Tester

ETCR ETCR2100+ Resistance TesterETCR is a well-known brand for its quality, productivity & accuracy. With its huge variety of product range, it has again placed in today’s list.

The last product in today’s list we have is ETCR2100+ by ETCR. A product with fully loaded features that help users to achieve all the necessary goals. Its enhanced measurement range of  0.01-1200Ω gives an exceptional advantage to the product. Not just that it also comes with an exact resolution range of 0.001Ω along with the trademark of highest resistance accuracy of ±1%±0.01Ω.

It delivers you the best result with the help of all these features. Also, it comes with data logging that enables you to store the data up to 99 sets. It also has an additional feature of the alarm threshold range i.e. from 1Ω to 199Ω.  The device also delivers the best results in working temperatures and humid climates. A perfect device with all the features and an advanced measurement range.

Best Features:

  • It comes with an enhanced measurement range of 0.01-1200Ω
  • The device can deliver the best performance in working temperature & humid climate


  • It has an alarm threshold range of 1Ω to 199Ω
  • It indicated a low battery symbol once the battery reached below 5.3V


  • Battery support could have improved

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Buying Guide For Ground Resistance Tester

Buying a ground resistance tester can be tough due to its technical terms & different recording ranges that make it difficult for an individual to understand. But have no worries we have come up with a simple buying guide for you with all the necessary and important factors along with the details.

1. Measurement Range

A measurement range in a ground resistance tester is something which defines the calculating range of the device with accuracy. It generally represents the value in Ohm’s as an SI unit. There are three types of measurement ranges in ground resistance testers that are Low, intermediate & high. All these three ranges typically define the purpose of the device. For example, a low-range ground resistance tester can be used to calculate the resistance of the electrodes or grounding rods. Whereas the high range is used to identify the soil condition with the help of a grounding system.

2. Resolution Range

Resolution range plays a very important role for a ground resistance tester. It helps to identify the capability of a device and how precise the value it can capture from the ground. For a simple understanding, if a device has a resolution range of 0.001Ω, the unit can calculate the resistance and display the same value in increments of 0.001Ω. Generally, having a higher resolution value is better as it gives you a more precise & defined value.

3. Accuracy

Just like any other measuring instrument, accuracy is also one of the most important factors for ground resistance testers. For a ground resistance tester, accuracy is identified by the difference between the measured value of the instrument and the actual resistance value. The lesser the difference is, the more accuracy users get. With the help of accuracy, a user can actually identify the reliability of the product based on individual use or application,

4. Data Logging

For every measuring instrument, data storage is considered as the most crucial element. In the very same way as a ground resistance tester, data logging is the ability of the device to record the value and store it for a defined time. To achieve high accuracy, data logging is a very important factor. Based on the stored measurement recordings, an individual can easily analyze the data for better productivity.

5. Working Hours

For a ground resistance tester, working hours is the device’s running time for a specific operation. It actually helps to understand the estimated life span of the device. Some brands in the market provide a warranty based on the working hours of the unit. By this, a user can also identify if the device is showing any fluctuation in accuracy. Nowadays, most brands use built-in timers as an auto recorder, which can also be recorded manually.

6. Warranty

Like other appliances, a warranty is as important as a product value. For ground resistance testers, the type of warranty may vary as compared to any other appliances. Unlike other products, a ground resistance tester warranty may depend on the working hours of the device instead of purchase duration. Also, the type of coverage differs from brand to brand and product to product. It is better to understand the terms and conditions of the product related to warranty and how to connect with customer support before making any purchase.

Ground Resistance Tester – FAQs

1. How do you test ground resistance?

Step 1. Disconnect the device from the power source
Step 2. Configure the multimeter to Ohms
Step 3. Connect the ground component with ground using a piece of wire.
Step 4. Adjust the probes on the wire and ground unit of the device to capture the readings

2. What is the difference between ground resistance tester and Megger?

Ans: The basic difference between the ground resistance tester and megger is that field engineers majorly use megger for design and soil surveys. Whereas the ground resistance tester is used to measure the present resistance value of soil.

3. How does a ground resistance tester work?

Ans: Ground resistance works on the basic principle of Ohm’s law, where the voltage drop is directly proportional to the resistance present in the soil. The value is recorded by interesting the electrode into the ground. In

4. What is the 2-point method of ground resistance?

Ans: In some scenarios, if it is not possible to insert the auxiliary ground rod then the existing low-ground resistor can be used as an auxiliary electrode in order to record the grounding resistance.

5. How do you measure ground resistance with a Megger?

Step 1. Connect the ground tester to the ground electrode
Step 2. Place the potential probe in the soil at a distance from 10% to 90%(With 10-10% gap)
Step 3. Set the proper test parameters (Test current, measurement range or etc)
Step 4. Initiate the test and the ratings will be recorded at each location

6. How do you test ground resistance with a multimeter?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to test the ground resistance using a multimeter, a user just needs to configure the device on the ohms setting. Now by adjusting the probes just like ground resistance testers on the ground rod and wire, the process can be executed.


Ground resistance tester is a very crucial instrument that actually helps you to understand the present resistance in the soil. But it can be tough to find a correct choice, right? No worries, we have the best suggestion for you.

  • If you are looking for something pocket-friendly with basic features, then you should go with ETCR Resistance Tester a device with all the necessary features.

  • If you don’t have budget problems and want the best device from the market, then you should go with DLG Resistance Tester. An amazing device with all the advanced features that make your work easy.

  • In the end, we have the best product from today’s list that goes well along with the features and price and is compatible with all the options i.e. Extech Resistance Tester, an exceptional product and a best match for you.

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