Google makes fun of how Apple promotes the iPhone in new ad

Ah, that wonderful friendship between iPhone and Pixel. It gives you optimism that the human race can survive even with all of the problems that the world has and continues to face daily. Except for one thing, that is. Neither the iPhone nor the Pixel is human. But still, if two phones that believe in different operating systems can get along, why can’t people of different races, religions, and beliefs do the same thing?

Since our two heroes were last together, Pixel has developed a growth on her real panel. Wait, that’s not a growth; it’s the new temperature sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone notes that going from Pixel 7 to Pixel 8 means that it is time to film fresh content. You’ll note that the phones are in front of green screens which are used to place computer-generated backdrops into movies and videos.

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Pixel thinks that filming new content means discussing the phone’s advanced AI features. But iPhone has something else in mind. “Pixel, Pixel, Pixel. Let me help you out here,” interrupts iPhone. “After all these years, I’ve learned what the people want.” According to iPhone, people want “Razzle Dazzle” which is another way of saying that Apple uses special effects to distract the public from the lack of new features when promoting the latest iPhone models.

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As iPhone explains, people don’t want to hear about Pixel’s latest AI capabilities. They want to see “Shiny new phones floating in space, shimmering bezels, contemporary but not-threatening electronic music.” As we watch from a monitor, Pixel is hoisted into the air while iPhone gives the directions. “Okay, start with a twirl, Very nice. Give me profile. Yeah, work those lenses.”

Pixel again brings up showing off her AI features. “So this is great and all, but shouldn’t we show how I can use AI to fix group photos so everyone looks their best?” But iPhone resists. “Nope, nope, nope, nope. Razzle Dazzle,” says Apple’s iOS-powered smartphone. After Google reminds viewers that they can pre-order the new Pixel 8 series, the Pixel Watch 2, and the Pixel Buds Pro in new colors, iPhone and Pixel try out some green screen tricks including a couple of funny ones that include a weather map and a traffic helicopter.
The #BestPhonesForever ads have a fan base that is growing and while iPhone always fares a little worse than Pixel in these spots, well, Google is paying for these ads after all. Still, most of the time that Pixel is taking the mickey out of iPhone, it is done with a subtle and gentle touch. Thus, fans of these ads include both iPhone and Pixel users.

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