Radio coprocessors target in-vehicle infotainment

Digital radio coprocessors in Skyworks’ Si469x series demodulate and decode up to four digital radio channels in automotive infotainment systems. The devices support HD Radio, DAB/DAB+, DRM for AM and FM, and CDR, providing design flexibility and scalability.

Si469xx coprocessors are optimized to work with the company’s Si479xx series of hybrid software-defined radio (SDR) tuners to form a digital radio receiver. They offer maximal ratio combining (MRC) and seamless linking of digital radio, analog radio, and Internet Protocol (IP) content.

With their integrated customer-programmable MCU, the Si469xx coprocessors reduce BOM costs by eliminating the need for an external MCU and its support components. An integrated Demod/Tuner Manager controls tuner and channel processing, relieving system developers from having to program low-level radio control functions.

According to Skyworks, the use of separate tuner and coprocessor ICs not only achieves an optimal balance between partitioning and integration, but also helps reduce thermal issues associated with remote tuner module (RTM) designs. It also affords scalability to address multiple regions and performance points.

Production release of the Si469xx series of digital radio coprocessors is expected in the first half of 2024. Contact your local Skyworks sales or distributor for samples.

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