Bing Dall-E 3 image creation was great for a few days, but now Microsoft has predictably lobotomized it 🥴

What you need to know

  • Bing is Microsoft’s scarcely-used search engine, baked into Windows and 
  • Microsoft has integrated some of Open AI’s generative systems into Bing, in attempts to court users away from Google. 
  • While it hasn’t helped Bing’s search volume, it has generated some additional interest in the platform. 
  • Recently, Bing’s AI image creator tool got a big upgrade, moving to the Dall-E 3 algorithm.
  • The powerful tool can create realistic images from simple prompts, but after some controversies, Microsoft has baked in heaps of censorship. Microsoft’s own “random” image generator button even censors itself. 

Bing has gotten a lot more useful these days, and not necessarily for search. 

Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that Bing trails Google in search volume, to the tune of roughly 3% global market share. Despite being baked into Windows, users seek the greener pastures of Google, which indisputably produces more accurate, up-to-date results in most scenarios. Bing is fine for basic search queries, however, and remains a solid option if for no reason other than its generous Microsoft Rewards points program, which offers vouchers in exchange for using Bing. Generative AI has also given Bing a bit of a boost recently. 

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