Galaxy S25’s Exynos 2500 AP will reportedly keep deca-core build

It seems apparent that Samsung will be using its own homegrown Exynos 2400 chipset on some Galaxy S24 series models. What makes the most sense is for Sammy to borrow from Apple. Starting with last year’s iPhone 14 line, Apple saved the latest and greatest application processor (AP) for the Pro models while the non-Pro models got the hand-me-down SoC that the Pro models used the year before.
The Exynos 2400 could be a legit challenger to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy chipset with a deca-core configuration made up of one Cortex-X4 prime CPU core running at 3.19GHz. There will be five Cortex-A720 performance CPU cores with two clocked at 2.9GHz and three at 2.6GHz. That leaves four Cortex-A520 efficiency cores with a clock speed of 1.95GHz. The CPU is the Samsung XClipse 940 and the integrated modem is the Exynos 5300 supporting up to 10Gbps downlink speed.
It all sounds nice on paper and compared to the last Exynos AP, the 2200, CPU performance is increased by 1.7 times and AI performance by 14.7 times. But now we are beginning to hear rumors about the Exynos 2500 from X tipster @OreXda (via Like the Exynos 2400, the sequel will be a deca-core chip but the configuration reportedly includes three performance cores and two slower performance cores compared to the two performance cores and three slower ones on the Exynos 2400.
The rumored specs for the Exynos 2500 include one Cortex-X5 prime CPU core, three Cortex-A730 performance cores, two Cortex-A730 performance cores clocked at a slower speed, and four Cortex-A520 efficiency cores. The first rumors had the Exynos 2500 SoC using four prime cores but with worries about possible heating issues afflicting MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300, which carries no efficiency cores (1 Cortex-X4 prime CPU core, 3 Cortex-X4 prime CPU cores, and 4 Cortex-A720 performance CPU cores), Samsung probably didn’t feel comfortable rolling the die (so to speak) using four prime cores with the Exynos 2500 SoC.
The Exynos 2500 is expected to be manufactured using Samsung Foundry’s 3nm 3GAP process node. The chip could be used on the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ in 2025.

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