The official OnePlus Open launch event is locked and loaded for October 19

After many months of dropping subtle (and far-from-subtle) hints, either directly or indirectly, regarding the identity, design, and capabilities of its first-ever foldable device, OnePlus has finally come right out and said it earlier today: the Galaxy Z Fold 5-rivaling OnePlus Open will be unveiled and fully detailed on October 19.

If you’re feeling an eerie sense of déjà vu, don’t worry, we can explain. While we’ve already published an article confirming that same launch date for (technically) the same phone, this is the OnePlus Open we’re specifically talking about now and not the Oppo Find N3.
The Oppo-branded product is clearly designed primarily with markets like China in mind, while its OnePlus-branded twin should be released across major European countries, as well as India and the US. That explains why the OnePlus Open will actually be announced several hours after the Oppo Find N3 next Thursday at 10 am EDT, 4 pm CEST, and 7:30 pm IST.
The main event is apparently set in Mumbai, but pre-orders are scheduled to kick off in all those aforementioned territories on October 19. While you can already “subscribe” for a chance to win a free OnePlus Open unit and “unlock” a $50 credit right now, your actual pre-order next week will secure additional “exclusive” benefits like a complimentary pair of OnePlus Buds Pro 2, up to $1,000 instant trade-in credit, and a “guaranteed” $200 discount if you ditch “any device in any condition” stateside.
Technically, a lot of other stuff is being kept a secret by OnePlus, but while the company is mostly focusing its buzz-building efforts at the moment on the foldable’s alert slider, its full design and specifications are essentially an open book (pun intended) for us all following a barrage of high-confidence leaks and… obviously authorized first-look videos and teasers published over the last few months.

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