7 Best Waterproof Marine Subwoofers For Unmatched Audio Adventures

If you are someone who is into the marine ecosystem, then sail blissfully with a perfect waterproof subwoofer. Marine subwoofers allow you to not only enjoy your time on a boat (or) ship but also provide excellent sound quality while withstanding the hazards of marine life. We do understand finding the right fit for your marine adventures is really a hard nut to crack. Just to help you out with this situation we have brought this comprehensive article on “Marine Subwoofers”. Explore the world of marine subwoofers and the various alternatives available to enhance your boating experience with deep, rumbling bass. 

In this article, we will take a tour of the “Top-Performing Options” that have earned the title of finest marine subwoofers, each of which provides great sound quality, durability, and weather resistance. These subwoofers will guarantee that your marine audio setup strikes all the appropriate notes, whether you’re traveling the wide waters (or) anchored by the shore.

Best Waterproof Marine Subwoofers Table

Best Waterproof Marine Subwoofers Reviews

Here is the list of our handpicked marine subwoofers, which are intended to offer strong and accurate bass even in harsh maritime conditions. Explore them to find the best mate for your boat (or ship).

1. KICKER Marine Subwoofer

KICKERThe KICKER 45KMF104 Marine Boat Subwoofer delivers powerful bass without the need for an enclosure. This 10-inch marine subwoofer is engineered to endure both power and weather, delivering outstanding bass output on your boat. KICKER’s marine-specific features provide a solution for bringing deep and forceful bass to your maritime excursions with maximum durability. 

Product Specifications
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Mounting Type Boat mount
Wattage 350 watts
RMS Power 175 watts
Frequency Response 30 Hz to 500 Hz
In The Box 10″ Woofer, Back gasket, Mounting screws, Mounting screw clips, Owner’s manual

Product Features

The four-ohm voice coil produces great amplified sound with a peak power handling of 350 watts and RMS power handling of 175 watts.
Features ASTM standards for sun protection and salt/fog exposure and the stainless mounting hardware for simple installation. 
The injection-molded polypropylene cone guarantees a wonderful listening experience regardless of volume for longer days. 
Thanks to the co-molded Santoprene surround for offering an extra layer of protection against harsh elements. 


Finally, get the KICKER’s 45KMF104 marine boat subwoofer and kick out your favorite tunes on the water all seasons long. KICKER has equipped this subwoofer with a uniplate back plate and pole piece that resists wear and tear from heavy use. Additionally, the large ceramic magnet amplifies bass and enhances overall sound quality.

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2. Pyle Marine Subwoofer

pyleThe Pyle Lanzar AQTB8 8-inch edition of the Lanzar Low Profile Marine Subwoofer System boasts a super slim active amplified design with a 1000-watt output. Lanzar’s Mariner collection is designed to flourish on boats, docks, poolsides, and other outdoor areas. Its 14.5 x 9.5 x 3 dimensions make it perfect for moist areas, and its lightweight 10.5 lbs design makes installation simple and quick. This system, with its marine coating and water resistance, offers endurance against corrosion and moisture while providing high-quality sound for outdoor enjoyment, whether on the beach (or) in your garden.

Product Specifications
Brand Lanzar
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Mounting Type Boat mount
Wattage 1000 watts
RMS Power 300 watts
Frequency Response 50 Hz to 150 Hz
Connectivity RCA
In The Box 8″ Slim marine woofer, Mounting screws, Mounting screw clips, Controller, cables, Owner’s manual

Product Features

This subwoofer includes thermal, short, and overload protection circuits, as well as 0-12 dB variable bass boost and low pass filters from 50 Hz to 150 Hz for maximum sound response.
The phase shift function allows you to customize your listening experience according to your preference. 
The Green and Red LED power Indicator displays the status of the system, while the Soft Delay Remote Turn On & Off function provides optimal simplicity.
Comes with both RCA low-level and high-level input connections for accurate audio replication from an amplifier (or) a receiver. 


Lastly, the 8” Slim Marine Subwoofer System lets you enjoy clean, deep basses and clear highs on your maritime adventures. Moreover, they power up your boat’s audio without compromising safety and performance. Plus the nickel-plated RCA speaker connections and screw terminals ensure a reliable connection between the amplifier and speakers. Grab these subwoofers and control everything like incoming signals, bass, and frequencies with a single swipe. 

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3. NOAM Marine Subwoofer

noamThe NOAM NUTV5-S Waterproof Marine Stereo System is an improved version that includes the unique NSUB subwoofer and HS4 amplifier. The NUTV5-S system’s components, including speakers, amplifier, and controller, are all recently designed, with distinguishing features that distinguish this device in its field. Plus, NOAM’s 5.25″ speakers will surpass any bigger 6.5″ speakers, and a 3″ passive radiator at the back of the pod will provide a more immersive bass experience. This system promises to take your outdoor audio experience to new heights, with an emphasis on offering great audio performance.

Product Specifications
Brand NOAM
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Mounting Type Boat mount
Wattage 400 watts
RMS Power 200 watts
Connectivity Bluetooth, Auxiliary
In The Box 10″ Subwoofer, Pair of N5 speakers, Mounting gear, Amplifier, Bluetooth controller, Owner’s manual

Product Features

NOAM N5 speakers feature a 3″ passive radiator in the back of the pod for increased bass experience.
Stream your favorite audio from any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled devices (or) other devices directly to the HS4 amplifier via NBTR Bluetooth controller. 
HS4, a 4-channel full-range amplifier with fully variable high pass and low pass crossovers is housed in a super heavy-duty die-cast shield. 
The N5 mounting system is pretty simple, with 4 mounting sizes allowing you to rotate the speaker pod at 140°. 


Finally, the NOAM NUTV5-S Waterproof Marine Stereo System is a real piece of art that will fill the air with deep lows and allow you to feel your music. The NBTR is Bluetooth-enabled and is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and other devices. Additionally, it has a 3.5 AUX input to support wired connections. Acquire this single package and enjoy your favorite tunes in high-quality audio while riding crazy. 

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4. Pyle 10-Inch Marine Subwoofer

PYLE 10 INCHThe Pyle 10-inch Outdoor Marine Audio Subwoofer is a robust addition to your marine music system. This subwoofer is a must-have for creating a lively party scene on your boat since it is particularly intended to increase the low-frequency bass level. They have a peak power rating of 500 watts and a 4ohm impedance. Its weather-resistant polypropylene cone woofer and rubber surround assure endurance against external conditions, while its complementary bass enhances the audio experience, ensuring the greatest sound quality on your naval adventures. 

Product Specifications
Brand Pyle
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Mounting Type Boat mount
Wattage 500 watts
Sensitivity 93 dB
Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency Response 25 Hz to 2.5 KHz
In The Box Two 10″ Subwoofer, Two speaker foam, Owner’s manual

Product Features

It has a marine-grade waterproof plastic casing design that makes it safe in locations where mild water splashes occur, such as marine vehicles.
Features a 10” high-quality polypropylene cone, 50 oz magnetic structure, and 1.5” high-temperature voice coil boom to deliver superior powerful sound. 
The subwoofer has an overall diameter of 10.6″ and a mounting depth of 4.60″, making it versatile enough to install wherever you wish. 


Lastly, the Pyle 10-inch Outdoor Marine Audio Subwoofer is an excellent complement to any marine entertainment system. Boat subwoofers can be mounted under or in front of the compartment or helm, behind the helm seat, or within a box (or) cooler. This Pyle subwoofer also has molded ABS plastic baskets and fitted grills to protect the inner components and ensure the system’s longevity. No sound system is complete without precise and amplified bass, so don’t go without the greatest sound for your boat. So, add this subwoofer to your nautical adventures and prepare for an incredible audio experience. 

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5. ECOXGEAR Marine Subwoofer

ECOXGEARThe ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme ES08 Waterproof 8-inch Subwoofer provides a powerful and adjustable audio experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy up to 500 watts of peak output, adding punch and power to your audio system. This subwoofer has a waterproof structure and is designed to resist outdoor situations. You can easily mount the subwoofer horizontally (or) vertically onto your boat and control it remotely for effortless adjustability. Further, it has auxiliary technology connectivity and an adjustable unique function that allows you to adapt the music to your tastes.


Product Specifications
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Mounting Type Boat mount
Wattage 500 watts
RMS 250 watts
Connectivity Auxiliary
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 275 Hz
In The Box Two 8″ Subwoofers, 6.6 Power cable, Auxiliary power out mating connector, Mounting brackets, Mounting hardware, Wired remote gain knob with 10-foot cable, User guide

Product Features

Mounting brackets and integrated threaded mounting holes are included for a variety of installation configurations.
Connect through cables to any soundbar, amplifier, or stereo’s aux out or sub output jacks, or wirelessly to ECOXGEAR soundbars/speakers via ECOCAST.
Customize your light display by using plain green, red, white, or blue lights and music can be synced, faded, or turned off entirely.
Adjust the volume and frequency range of your sub to get that perfect sound every time with a wired remote gain switch. 


Ultimately, the ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme ES08 Waterproof 8-inch Subwoofer is 100% waterproof, dirt resistant, and dustproof. In fact, it is covered by patents US 9,307,307, 11,223,886, and D937244. Its inputs and outputs include a 10awg gauge speaker power wire, Blue wire acc cable, auxiliary audio in cable, and remote gain control cable, allowing for wider connectivity. 

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6. BELVA Marine Subwoofer 

BELVABelva drives an unwavering desire for perfection in the creation of cutting-edge audio devices. They produce equipment like speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and accessories to improve your listening experience. Indeed, Belva delivers greater performance without compromising on innovation and quality. The BELVA BMS12RW 1000 Watts MAX White 12″ Marine Subwoofer with RGB lighting adds excitement and craziness to your maritime adventures. This subwoofer is intended for naval installations and outdoor applications. Moreover, to ensure durability, it is packed with cutting-edge technologies such as Polypropylene Cone and Marine Rated Water Resistant Subwoofer technology, Rubber mounting gaskets, and corrosion-resistant materials.

Product Specifications
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Mounting Type Boat mount
Wattage 1000 watts
RMS 400 watts
Sensitivity 93 dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 200 Hz
In The Box User manual, 12″ Subwoofers, 4 Mounting screws, Multi-color LED lights, Remote

Product Features

With a peak power of 1000W, this subwoofer produces clean, crisp sound with massive bass response, resulting in an immersive music experience on your boat.
Can replicate the realistic sound and a broad range of tones, allowing you to hear every beat and kick drum on the water, with frequencies ranging from 20 to 200 Hz. 
Comes with a Long-lasting and credible Polypropylene cone so you won’t have to replace this subwoofer anytime soon.
RGB illumination lights not only add flare to your boat but also draw attention to your subwoofer. 


Summing up, the BELVA BMS12RW 1000 Watts MAX White 12 Marine Subwoofer with RGB Illumination received positive reviews. It excels in both sound quality and the aesthetic attractiveness of the RGB lighting. Furthermore, the subwoofer is simple to install and gives excellent bass response for your boat journeys. As a result, adding this subwoofer to your marine sound system is a terrific way to add some flare and quality sound.

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7. Clarion Marine Subwoofer

CLARIONThe Clarion CM2513WL 10-inch Marine Subwoofer includes a unique RGB LED feature that enhances your music experience visually. Clarion’s CM-series speakers were inspired by a Virginia-class submarine propeller. All Clarion CM-series speakers are designed to withstand the testing standards of ASTM D4329 and B117 for UV and salt fog exposure. The RGB LEDs have built-in waterproof connections and may be wired for permanent color solutions or linked to an existing RGB LED controller for dynamic color changes. When utilized with an RGB LED controller, the tri-color LED design comprises red, green, and blue LEDs, allowing for more than 16 million color combinations. 

Product Specifications
Brand Clarion
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Mounting Type Boat mount
Wattage 800 watts
RMS 250 watts
Impedance 2 Ohms
Frequency Response 30 Hz to 800 Hz
In The Box 10″ Marine subwoofer, Black and silver plastic grille, 8″ Waterproof speaker, 2″ Stainless steel screws, 10 Plastic flat washers, Installation manual, Template

Product Features

Customize the aesthetics and sounds with the supplied silver and black grilles and twin 2-ohm voice coils.  
Built with a durable ASA plastic basket and waterproof connectors to withstand both UV and salt fog exposure for long-term use in any environment. 
RGB LEDs on the CM-Series speakers can be hardwired to supply a permanent color solution or incorporated into an existing RGB LED controller to create creative colors on the fly. 
Enjoy more efficient system performance to satisfy your audio needs with a continuous power rating of 250 watts.


Overall, the Clarion CM2513WL 10-inch maritime Subwoofers are built to survive extreme maritime situations, even down to the connections that come with the speakers. They can easily be styled to fit the inside or outside of various boats, old or new. And thanks to the RGB LED lights for giving the boat a more dynamic appearance. Simply install this and experience increased audio fidelity from your sound system, as well as the ability to create unique color combinations as per your taste with the included weatherproof LED lights. 

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Buying Guide For The Best Marine Subwoofers

It’s a fact that adding a powerful marine subwoofer to your boat rides and beachside activities can elevate your listening experience to the next level. But with the advanced technology and vivid features, we always get perplexed to get an ideal one for your needs. 

To overcome this confusion have a look at our detailed buyer’s guide. We have methodically gone through various sources and compiled some of the most important factors that must be taken into account when buying a marine subwoofer. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing Marine Subwoofers
1. Power Handling

Power handling capacity is an important feature to consider when selecting marine subwoofers. Usually, high-quality marine subwoofers have better power handling capacity, allowing them to generate deep and powerful bass even in open spaces. 

So, look for subwoofers that can withstand a high level of power without distortion (or) damage. 

2. Sound Quality

The sound quality of marine subwoofers is essential for an immersive audio experience on the water. Consider factors like frequency response, sensitivity, and cone design to ensure the subwoofers deliver high-quality sound performance in marine environments. 

Usually, it is always suggested to get subwoofers that offer clear and accurate bass reproduction, with minimal distortion. 

3. Frequency Response

Frequency response, measured in Hertz (Hz), refers to the range of low-frequency sounds that a subwoofer can deliver. It is often measured at the lowest frequency sound it can produce and the highest frequency sound it can deliver. 

Get a subwoofer that can reproduce crystal-clear sound at both low and high-frequency ranges. 

4. Water Resistance

Since marine subwoofers are used in boats and other marine environments they are constantly exposed to sun, saltwater, and other harsh elements. 

Opt for the subwoofers with features like UV-resistant cones, corrosion-resistant materials, and waterproof (or) water-resistant designs that do not degrade in performance (or) appearance.  

5. Wiring

The wiring is very important when it comes to marine subwoofers because of how they work. Some of the topmost marine stereo systems won’t come with wires at all. Others will, but their wires will be safe and tucked or coated with strong materials to prevent the entry and penetration of water. 

That’s why you must keep an eye on it and verify that it is strong and safe.

6. Durability

Pay attention to the build quality, construction methods, and overall durability of the subwoofers to ensure they can handle the challenges of being exposed to water, vibrations, and other harsh conditions. 

Ensure that the marine subwoofers you choose are made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of marine use and last long.

7. Size and Installation

Consider the size and installation options of the marine subwoofers to ensure they will fit within your boat (or) marine vessel. Measure the available area and select subwoofers that can be easily mounted (or) installed. 

Some subwoofers are meant for specific areas, such as under seats (or) in storage compartments, so evaluate the various alternatives that meet your individual demands.

8. Impedance

The impedance rating of a subwoofer represents the unit’s electrical resistance and is often measured in ohms. The subwoofer with less impedance has the capacity to withstand more power from the amplifier. In contrast, the more ohms a subwoofer has, the less power it can withstand. 

So, you should ideally seek a subwoofer with an impedance rating of 4 ohms (or) less for optimal performance.

We hope the above-listed factors will definitely help you in selecting the right subwoofer that matches your requirements. In addition to these, it is also suggested to look into a few other variables such like sensitivity, RMS, connectivity options, compatibility, battery life, brand, customer feedback, portability, and budget. 


As we wrap our exploration of marine audio perfection with the “Best Marine Subwoofers,” one thing is clear: these top-tier items have established a new benchmark for aquatic sound quality. These subwoofers are ready to convert your marine adventures into unique audio experiences thanks to their remarkable build quality, water-resistant designs, and perfect bass output. 

These subwoofers illustrate that outstanding sound knows no bounds, whether you’re cruising on the open sea or lazing by the pool. Enhance your maritime entertainment with these exceptional options that blend technology and nature for a symphony of auditory enjoyment.

Marine Subwoofers – FAQs

1. Why use a marine subwoofer for your boat?

Ans: The marine environment is characterized by high humidity, rapid temperature variations, and possible exposure to UV rays from the sun. A marine subwoofer is perfectly designed to withstand these environments while still delivering the high-quality sound you expect. 

2. Do marine subwoofers need a box?

Ans: Most maritime subwoofers are built with infinite baffles and do not require a box. If you have a subwoofer intended for an enclosure, you should put it in one. Typically, marine subwoofers are built for free-air applications.

3. Do marine speakers have good bass?

Ans: Yes, good bass response can be obtained with high-quality full-range marine speakers without the need for a subwoofer. Some claim that too much bass might distort sound reproduction.

4. What makes marine subwoofers different from regular subwoofers?

Ans: Marine subwoofers are built to resist the extreme circumstances of marine settings, such as exposure to water, salt, UV radiation, and vibrations. They are constructed using weather-resistant materials and components to provide longevity and dependability on boats and yachts where the traditional (or) regular subwoofers lack. 

5. What type of enclosure is best for marine subwoofers: sealed (or) ported?

Ans: Sealed enclosures are commonly used for marine subwoofers because they prevent water and debris from entering the speaker components. Sealed enclosures also deliver precise and well-defined bass without the chance of air leakage. Ported enclosures may work, but they are more susceptible to water intrusion and may not provide the same amount of protection.

6. Where is the best place to put a subwoofer in a boat?

Ans: A subwoofer can be mounted in the first compartment of a marine boat. Marine subwoofers are made of water and salt-resistant materials, making them ideal for installation in this environment.

7. Can I use regular amplifiers with marine subwoofers?

Ans: While ordinary amplifiers can be used, it is preferable to utilize marine-specific amplifiers to provide compatibility and protection against the rigors of the maritime environment. Marine amplifiers are built to withstand water, rust, and corrosion, making them ideal for pairing with marine subwoofers and providing the best performance and lifespan.

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