Lords of the Fallen: How to get boss weapons from Remembrances

Lords of the Fallen has hundreds of unique weapons, shields, armor pieces, spells, and more to wield, but its boss items are particularly special. Obtainable only from the Remembrances each main boss leaves behind after death, these pieces of gear are often the same ones that were used against you in your battles against them. Thus, they typically have one-of-a-kind movesets and/or are extremely effective when paired with the right build.

The game doesn’t explain how you can get these items, but fear not — this detailed guide covers everything you need to know. That includes where you can obtain boss items from Remembrances, as well as how to get the special currency you’ll need to do that.

Lords of the Fallen: How to get boss weapons

Facing the Skyrest Vestige, turn left and then left again while in Umbral and you’ll find Molhu. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Before you can get special weapons, armor, and other types of gear from the major Lords of the Fallen bosses you defeat, you’ll first need to claim their Remembrances. This can be done by entering Umbral and using your Umbral Lamp to Soul Flay the Stigmas that appear in each one’s arena after they’ve been defeated. Once you listen to the Stigma’s dialogue, you’ll get the Remembrance.

The next step is to take that Remembrance to Molhu, an NPC in Skyrest that’s only visible while in Umbral. To find him, face the Skyrest Vestige, turn left, and then turn left again and head up the stairs.

(Image credit: Windows Central)

Speak with Molhu and select Offer Remembrance. From there, all you have to do is select the Remembrance of the boss you’d like to get items from and then select the items you want. Something important to note is that boss gear from Remembrances costs Umbral Scourings to acquire. This currency is fairly rare, but we’ll go over how you can get it in the section below.

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