Minecraft Live 2023 LIVE: Minecraft 1.21, the Mob Vote winner, and every reveal as it happens


Hello, everyone! It is your favorite Windows Central Minecraft expert, Zachary! I mean, I hope I’m your favorite (you also don’t have much choice, I’m the only official Minecraft expert here). I’ll be here all weekend and beyond covering Minecraft Live 2023 with all the information you need to have. What can you expect? How do you participate in the Mob Vote? Where can you watch the show?

Of course, I’ll also be reporting on everything that’s announced during and after Minecraft Live 2023, too. As long as you’re tuned into Windows Central this weekend, you don’t have to worry about a thing — Everything from Minecraft Live 2023 will be right here, recorded in perpetuity for your perusal. — Zachary Boddy

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