Weather forecast for ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse on Oct. 14

Almost all of North America will experience a weird and dramatic event on Saturday (Oct. 14), when a partial eclipse of the sun will be visible. Depending on where you are, the sun will appear slightly dented, deeply crescent shaped or even ring-shaped. 

But skywatchers across the U.S. who are looking forward to viewing Saturday’s solar eclipse may run into a problem thanks to several unsettled weather systems that will predominate over the east-central part of the country, as well as along the Pacific coast. Along a path averaging 127 miles (204 kilometers) wide, running from the coast of Oregon southeast to the Gulf Coast of southern Texas, is where the main show — the sun appearing to morph into a spectacular “ring of fire” in the sky — will take place. Such a sight is referred to as an annular eclipse. 

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