Lighter Lithium-sulphur batteries for significantly lower costs

With a nanoporous polymer-coated lithium foil anode, scientists at Monash University have created a new type of lithium-sulphur battery that uses less lithium per battery.

In has been published in their recent paper by PhD student Declan McNamara, and Professor Matthew a long with a few other colleagues.

Sustainable energy storages needed now

More sustainable energy storage systems are urgently needed as the switch to renewable energy sources becomes a steadily more global endeavour.

In the paper, PhD student Declan McNamara, Professor Matthew Hill, and Professor Mainak Majumder of Monash Engineering, along with Dr. Makhdokht Shaibani of RMIT University, explain how putting the nanoporous polymer directly on the lithium foil anode has led to a new battery design that uses half as much lithium, has more energy per volume, lasts twice as long, and will cost half as much as current lithium-ion batteries.

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