CommScope Launches Extended Spectrum DOCSIS Amplifier & Optical Node Platforms up to 1.8 GHz

CommScope Launches Extended Spectrum DOCSIS Amplifier & Optical Node Platforms up to 1.8 GHz

CommScope has announced the launch of its next-generation Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) STARLINE amplifier and NC4000 optical node platforms supporting DOCSIS 4.0 operation, which can support up to 1.8 GHz in the downstream and up to 684 MHz in the upstream. Leveraging CommScope’s expertise in HFC network design and extensive deployed base of STARLINE amplifiers and NC4000 nodes, these solutions offer operators a simple ESD upgrade to their current DOCSIS 3.1 network, as well as a clear path to DOCSIS 4.0 operation in the future, with minimal capital expenditures and service interruption.

The STARLINE RF Amplifier and NC4000 optical node platforms incorporate modular designs with electronic setup—including attenuation, equalization, and node segmentation. Deployed amplifiers and nodes can be field upgraded for ESD operation, providing an easy, cost-effective solution for supporting DOCSIS 4.0 when needed. Design features enable operators to maintain legacy services while optimizing throughput gains along their path to 10G. In addition, CommScope has available Remote PHY and MACPHY Devices (RPDs and RMDs) that can be installed in the NC4000 node, including one in development that can support DOCSIS 4.0 ESD operation.

CommScope’s HFC network expertise, DOCSIS innovation, and extensive deployed base uniquely position us to support our customers in their next stage of network evolution,” stated Guy Sucharczuk, SVP & President Access Network Solutions, CommScope. “We designed our ESD platforms to drop into existing network infrastructure and realize significant cost savings in both hardware and labor, without the large upfront investment of rebuilding current plants. Our priority is our customers’ ability to choose the best migration path and strategy for their unique network. These innovations, as well as our recent milestone of over one million amplifiers shipped in just one year, are a testament to our leadership in supporting our customers’ ongoing network evolution.”

CommScope’s DOCSIS 4.0 ESD STARLINE MB180 and BLE180 amplifiers and NC4000 optical node platform are on display at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2023, Booth #773, from October 16-19 in Denver, CO. CommScope experts will be on hand to provide more information about these solutions and the path to 10G broadband.

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