10 Best Engine Degreaser Reviews in 2023

When you have a vehicle, keeping it clean is one of the most tedious tasks. Even when you clean the exterior and interior, the chances are high that you do not pay attention to the engine. Most people have not yet tried to clean the engine due to the grime and dirt it accumulates. It becomes tougher to get rid of this grime than cleaning the interior or exterior. You must know that the all-purpose cleaner will not be capable of removing the burned oil on its edges, so you need the best engine degreaser.

Cleaning the challenging gunk on the engine requires formulated product which is a special formula to clean the mixture of oil and dirt. Undeniably there are a lot of engine degreasers available in the market that can clean the heart of your vehicle; choosing can be tedious and challenging until you know what to consider. So, we have included the best products, but before that, we will check out the most common things we consider before choosing an engine degreaser.

  • Multi-Surface: The first thing that you have to make sure of is that the engine degreaser has the capability to work on a range of surfaces. If the product clearly mentions that you can use it safely on painted surfaces, plastics and much more, then you can be sure about using it for your vehicle’s engine. Choosing a multipurpose product that can be used for a multitude of surfaces can be a practical choice.
  • Smell: When you choose a petroleum-based engine degreaser, it is going to smell very bad. So, you might need to invest in a simple mask in order to block the odour. However, there are some products that use perfume to make sure about the smell. If you’re allergic to different scents, you should pay attention to the product description before you buy an engine degreaser.
  • Type: While you can find various engine degreaser options, water-based and petroleum-based degreasers are the most common. It has its own advantages and disadvantages, but petroleum products are known for their extraordinary power. However, if you want a mild and gentle degreaser, the water-based formulation can work best for you.

Even when these are some of the most common things you require to consider while choosing an engine degreaser, we recommend you thoroughly read the description before choosing one. To make buying easier, we have provided you with the 10 best engine degreasers available in the market along with a Buying Guide. We have taken care of everything that you might need in the process and created a curated list of the top best engine degreasers available in the market.

Best Engine Degreaser 2023

Best Engine Degreaser Scent Volume Form Surface Recommendation Buy Now
Sea Foam Engine Degreaser 16 oz Carburettor passageways engine and fuel injectors Check On Amazon
Oil Eater Engine Degreaser Lemon 1 Gallons Liquid Concrete driveways, shop floors,
equipment and a lot of surfaces
Check On Amazon
Simple Engine Degreaser Original 127.8 Fl Oz Liquid Tile, countertops, fabric, floor and carpet Check On Amazon
Stanley Engine Degreaser 64 Gallons Liquid Tableware, Cookware, Wall, Countertop Check On Amazon
KRUD KUTTER Engine Degreaser Original 32-Ounce Spray Tiles, building materials and ladders Check On Amazon
POR-15 Engine Degreaser Unscented Liquid Check On Amazon
Purple Engine Degreaser 1 Gallons Wipes,Liquid Farm, marine, shop and automotive. Check On Amazon
Meguiar’s Engine Degreaser  1 Gallons Spray, Wipe Automotive interiors, especially metal surfaces Check On Amazon
3D Engine Degreaser  Unscented 1 Gallons Liquid Floor, Painted Surface Check On Amazon
Gunk Engine Degreaser Original 15 oz Spray —- Check On Amazon

Best Engine Degreaser Reviews

1. Sea Foam Engine Degreaser

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

The Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is the first choice for tuning up your motor. It is a 100% petroleum product that can offer a cleaner result. The sea foam products mainly focus on producing effective and safer products to ensure the best engine condition. This product has a formulation that can clean the carburettor passageways and fuel injectors.

The unique formulation of this pea-registered product helps to liquefy varnish deposits and gum on the internal compartments of the engine. Besides being an EPA-registered product, it ensures safe use. Using this product can clean the chamber deposits and intake valve for better performance. It is also highly valuable in upper lubricating cylinders.

Using this registered engine degreaser from Sea Foam can stabilize diesel fuel and gas for two years. You can use this on the fuel tank for lubricating and cleaning the fuel system. Remember that a cleaner engine will start fast, run smooth and last for a longer period. It also holds the capability of cleaning harmful residues.

Since deposits and residues can restrict engine lubrication, this engine degreaser can work as an oil system treatment. It is also highly beneficial to resist fuel evaporation and prevent the formation of varnish and gum. The product is available in a simple user kit to make it easier to use on your system.


  • Made from 100% pure petroleum products.
  • Available in a simple User kit.
  • An EPA-registered product.
  • Highly effective in cleaning and lubricating the fuel tank.
  • Works as an oil system treatment.
  • It prevents varnish and gum formation and stabilizes for two years.


  • It helps in reducing gas consumption.
  • It is highly effective in helping the engines start easier and faster.
  • Users started observing a huge difference.
  • It is a great value for money.
  • Super easy to use.


  • The product is slightly expensive compared to others.

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2. Oil Eater Engine Degreaser

Oil Eater Original

Oil Eater Original Cleaner and Degreaser is a biodegradable product available in lemon scent to make it easier for you to use this cleaner and degreaser. It has an ultra-concentrated formula that has the power to clean a lot of surfaces. Using this cleaner can help to dissolve oil, dirt and grease from any washable surface. It does not contain any hard solvent, which makes it safe for use. Besides, it has a non-corrosive formulation.

You can easily use this oil eater on concrete driveways, shop floors, equipment and a lot of surfaces. Since it includes the ultra-concentrated formula, it is a great choice for medium to heavy cleaning. All you need is to just add water to it, and it can satisfy your cleaning requirements. Whether it is about cleaning the vehicle parts, pressure washing or mopping, this freshly scented formula makes it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor use. You can stay assured that you won’t get the chemical smell.

Being USDA-approved makes this formula a good choice for food facilities. All you have to do is make the mixture properly and then use it on the products you intend to.


  • A non-toxic and biodegradable product.
  • Good choice for heavy, medium, and light cleaning.
  • Easily diluted to meet various cleaning needs.
  • It has a colour-safe formula.
  • The ultra-concentrated formula gives you the freedom to make the mixture as required.


  • Highly effective in removing stains super easily.
  • Easily tackle driveway stains.
  • It is an excellent product.
  • It can clean any type of spill.


  • Proper solution-making can be hard.

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3. Simple Engine Degreaser

Simple Green 13005CT

Simple Green 13005CT Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser is a multipurpose degreaser and cleaner that can be a better alternative to the general solutions and toxic cleaners. It is a liquid-based product that can work on different surfaces like tile, countertops, fabric, floor and carpet. Since it does not contain hazardous solvents and chemicals, it is non-flammable and non-abrasive.

This cleaner and degreaser have a pleasant smell that makes it easier for users to use this solution. It does not have any petroleum distillate, which makes it a better choice and a safer one. Being authorized by USDA, it has been tested and inspected thoroughly.

It can also be used in poultry and meat farms. The formula is very mild as it ranges from 9.3 to 9.5 pH, which is effective in getting rid of the tough grimes and dirt.


  • An all-purpose degreaser and cleaner for use.
  • A safer alternative to beaches and solvents.
  • Trusted and authorized by USDA makes it a safe choice.
  • A biodegradable product.
  • The safer and milder choice to the hazardous solvents and chemicals.
  • The product is non-flammable, non-abrasive and non-alcoholic.


  • A perfect all-purpose cleaner.
  • It goes for a long time.
  • The product has great strength.
  • The cleanser can clean tough grimes.
  • Works great on car wheels.


  • The product is a bit expensive.

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4. Stanley Engine Degreaser

Stanley Home Products Degreaser

The Stanley Home Products Degreaser is a great quality degreaser that can effectively dissolve the grime and grease from the surface. In just a few seconds, it can cut through the grease and provide a shiny new clean surface to you. The solution can be a great choice for a variety of requirements.

It has a powerful formula that can easily tackle deeper stubborn messes. Whether you are using soft or hard water, the formula is enough to make all the stains disappear in just a few seconds. The formula has twice the concentration of the original as it has the capability to work harder.

You can use this product for different purposes to remove grease and grime and make the material shinier and cleaner. It is a great choice for equipment, tools, dishes, countertop, laundry, and other purposes. Being a cost-effective material, this powerful solution can add convenience to your cleaning requirements and ensure a shinier result.


  • The formula has double strength to clean products and surfaces.
  • It can dissolve grease in just a few seconds.
  • It has four times more concentration.
  • Highest quality products for safe use.
  • A multipurpose formula.


  • A very small amount goes a long way.
  • Has a very fresh smell.
  • Easily adjust the dilution ratio.


  • Does not work well on some surfaces.

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5. KRUD KUTTER Engine Degreaser


The KRUD KUTTER KK32 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser is a water-based biodegradable product that is available in spray form. It has a good concentration that makes it a practical choice for cleaning the toughest wax, oil and grease. It is an all-purpose product that can be used on tiles, building materials, and ladders. So, if you are looking for a safe product for your work and home, this can be a good choice.

The huge concentration of this product makes it obtain commercial strength. Hence, it can be used in commercial spaces as well. It is not only a degreaser but also a stain remover and cleaner that can make your home and workplace look shiny and tidy. You can use it both for interior and exterior purposes.

It is an EPA-safe product that makes it a good choice to be used in a safer environment. It is a non-toxic, xylene-free, non-flammable water-based product that is most trusted by users for removing tough stains.


  • A highly concentrated product.
  • Safe for home and work use.
  • A biodegradable and non-flammable product.
  • Water-based product for safe use.
  • Great stain remover.


  • It can help to wipe off completely and get a clean surface.
  • Easily gets diluted with less water.
  • Does an awesome job in cleaning and degreasing.
  • A great choice for people with lung problems.


  • It can be hard to remove after drying.

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6. POR-15 Engine Degreaser

POR-15 Engine DegreaserPOR-15 Cleaner Degreaser is a good choice for battling hard-to-remove grease, oil, dirt, and more. This remarkable cleaner is not effective but also safe, versatile, and easy to use. This Degreaser is a unique water-based cleaner that cleans tough stains and dirt from many types of surfaces. It is the ideal option for cleaning vinyl, nylon, holding tanks, grease traps, auto parts, or anything else.

It’s super safe and strong, and you can use it for lots of different tasks. It’s also the trick to getting perfect, long-lasting paint on metal.


  • Powerful Stain Remover
  • Safe Water-Based Formula
  • Versatile for Various Surfaces
  • Dilutable for Extra Strength
  • Essential for Metal Prep


  • Easily removes tough stains and grime.
  • Safe and non-flammable water-based formula.
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces.
  • Can be diluted to increase potency.
  • Crucial for preparing metal surfaces for painting.


  • May require multiple applications for very stubborn stains.
  • Should be used with care on delicate surfaces.

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7. Purple Engine Degreaser

Purple Power

The Purple Power (4320P) Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser is a biodegradable concentrated formula that can be a great choice for removing oil, dirt and grease from the surface. Being a concentrated formula, it allows you to create a mixture based on the surface. It is formulated so that it creates a barrier between the surface and the stain, thereby removing the stain automatically.

Using the purple power cleanser and degreaser will help you to wipe away the most challenging stains in just a few seconds. Since it is non-abrasive, phosphate-free and non-flammable, it can be a good choice and a safe one for marine, farms, homes and shops. Since it is available in 1 gallon, purchasing one time can help you use the product for the longest time.


  • A concentrated formula that is effective in removing oil, dirt and grease.
  • Purple power has the strength to wipe away the tough stance easily.
  • Highly effective on a range of surfaces like farm, marine, shop and automotive.
  • Non-flammable, phosphate-free and biodegradable materials make it a safe choice.
  • Ensures a smooth and dirt-free exterior.


  • Offers a shiny clean surface.
  • It can be diluted easily with water to get a desirable formulation.
  • It can easily remove bad stains.
  • Does not have a strong bad odour.


  • Does not work great on greasy highways.

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8. Meguiar’s Engine Degreaser

Meguias D10801 Super Degreaser 

The Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser is a super degreaser that can easily break down even the most challenging race. The formula is a heavy-duty formulation that ensures fast-acting and prevents any type of white residue stains. Besides, one of the most amazing things about this product is it smells great. Even when it is a tough one, it does not smell chemical while working.

This high-end product is a great choice for automotive interiors, especially metal surfaces. It has the quality to break down the toughest grease and wipe it off to make it look like a new one. It can be a great choice for shops that are into professional detailing where longevity and quality are paramount.

The products ensure to meet all your car care requirements and deliver the best quality to the detailing fanatics and fussiest car enthusiasts. With this high-quality degreaser, you can easily clean a wide range of vehicle surfaces like headlight, interior, tires, and paintwork.


  • It is a strong formula that can take care of the toughest jobs.
  • No white residue stains are left behind.
  • Produces a sweet herbal smell.
  • Comes with an easy-to-spray bottle.
  • A great choice for metal surfaces, especially automotive interiors.


  • Very effective in cleaning the engine bay.
  • It has great strength.
  • Makes the parts look brand new.
  • It goes for a long time.


  • The result is not satisfactory for some users.

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9. 3D Engine Degreaser

3D Grand Blast

The 3D Grand Blast Heavy Duty Degreaser is a safe and effective commercial-grade product that can be used for removing the toughest race, grime, and dirt. Using this product can be safe for you to get rid of dirt easily. You can use it on floors and painted surfaces. It includes a biodegradable formula that makes it a safe choice for home and commercial use. It is also a great choice for cleaning engines, tools, machinery, and a lot more tough products.

By using this concentrated formula, you don’t have to spend much time scrubbing and cleaning your premium quality product. Since the concentration is really high, you have to build a ratio so that it becomes easier to rinse off the dirt and grime buildup on the surfaces. Once you wipe the surface, you will find that extra shine and make the surface look new.

So, if you are looking for a heavy-duty yet trusted and tried material, choose this heavy-duty degreaser to maintain a shiny surface.


  • Great to use in rubber, metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Highly concentrated formula that can be diluted as per the use.
  • It gives extra clean and shine to surfaces.
  • A trusted and tried brand to trust on.


  • A very impressive product.
  • It provides a great solution when used on wheels.
  • Highly effective in cutting heavy crud.
  • A great helping hand.


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10. Gunk Engine Degreaser

Gunk EB1-12PK

The Gunk EB1-12PK’ Original Engine Brite’ Engine Degreaser is a great choice for people who are looking for a great product with the capability to remove the toughest grime and grease. It has been formulated with a heavy-duty cleaning formula with a powerful solvent that can degrease any surface. It does not require special tools to use this product because of its formula.

So, if you are looking for inexpensive cleaning equipment, this Gunk can be a reasonable choice. Its capability of cutting the toughest grime on your engine makes it an invaluable asset in everyone’s house.


  • Removes oil buildup and grease easily.
  • Great for leaky engines.
  • Can be used with water.
  • A heavy-duty formula.


  • Works like wonder on cars.
  • Take away oil and grease easily.
  • A great value for money.


  • Not highly concentrated at this price point.

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Buying Guide For the Best Engine Degreasers: 

So now that you have got some knowledge about the best engine degreasers available in the market, choosing can be easier for you. However, if you wish to buy products other than the above-mentioned ones, you always need to have knowledge about the things that you need to consider while choosing a cleaner and degreaser.

1. Multi-Surface Cleaning

When choosing the top engine degreaser, you have to make sure that you choose a product capable of multi-surface cleaning. When you choose an all-in-one product it not only offers a great solution for heavy-duty work, but also can handle the other necessary homely requirements. This makes such products a valuable choice. So, ensure the product is safe to use on plastic, flooring, metal and other surfaces.

2. Scent

If you are someone who does not like the heavy chemical smell, using an engine degreaser and cleaner can be big trouble. Hence, whenever you choose a quality engine degreaser, you have to check the smell it offers. These days many companies understand the problems and have started using fragrances. So choosing accordingly can help you to clean without facing any trouble.

3. Type

You always have to make sure about that type of degreaser you are choosing. Since there are water and petroleum-based types of engine degreasers, understanding the difference is a must. Remember that petroleum products are highly heavy-duty products while water-based products are mild and gentle ones. So, if you’re solely buying degreasers for engines, you can choose both depending on your preferences.

4. Form

Different engine degreasers are available in different forms like spray, liquid and wipe. You can choose any one as per your requirements to ensure fast and easy cleaning. While the spraying technique becomes a good choice for mild cleaning and reaching tough parts, liquid and wipes can be valuable for heavy-duty cleaning.

5. Safety

Since most degreasers are petroleum-based products with chemicals, you always have to ensure safety before choosing. So, while you choose a product, make sure that they have the registration or authorization to ensure safety for users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the engine degreaser hamper belt condition?

Ans: Most of the engine degreasers that we have mentioned here are listed by keeping in mind the belt condition. Since the belt is made of rubber, these engine degreasers make sure to not hurt it. However, it is always recommended to be very careful while using a degreaser in a way that the belt should not soak it.

2. How to rinse the engine after degreasing?

Ans: If you already have a carburettor, you might need to avoid a water spray. Make sure that you are covering the alternator using a bag to ensure that water is not getting into it. Apart from this, ensure you are directing the water stream on the hard part to avoid electrical boxes.

3. How to clean the gunk which drips?

Ans: You cannot just start degreasing the engine and rinse off the oil everywhere. Such an action can lead to getting a fine. So, use heavy plastic underneath and then roll it up to safely dispose of it.


This is everything you need to know about the best engine degreaser. Hopefully, by the mentioned information, you also have got an understanding of the way to use it. However, if you are waiting for the top three expert recommendations, here are the names.

  • Sea Foam Engine Degreaser is the first name that we will recommend as this is a petroleum-based product for heavy-duty cleaning. The concentration has the ability to liquify varnish and grime deposits. It is also an EPA-registered product.
  • Gunk Engine Degreaser has the spraying technique and professional strength. Besides, it has a citrus-based formula that makes it easy to remove dirt and grime from the surfaces.

  • Stanley Engine Degreaser easily cut the grease off with its powerful formula. It has a multipurpose formula to remove dirt and grime. Since it is a highly concentrated liquid, you can create a solution according to your use.

So now that you have gathered complete knowledge about the top 10 best engine degreasers, choosing will be easier for you. However, it is always recommended to do thorough research before you choose any product for use. Making an informed decision will always help you to stay away from regrets.

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