The Elder Scrolls Online: Endless Archive preview — An exciting shakeup for a long-running game

While ZeniMax Online Studios has followed a set routine for the past several years of The Elder Scrolls Online, this year’s post-expansion content is shaking things up. 

I recently had the chance to watch two developers from ZeniMax Online Studios play through a run of the Endless Archive, discussing what the team has come up with for this more unusual addition to The Elder Scrolls Online. Overall, I’ve come away impressed. While the Endless Archive is a far cry from the story-based finales the studio has previously opted for, the nature of this update means it can have a much more substantial, lasting impact. 

Plenty to do

Be prepared. (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

Endless Archive is set to coincide with Update 40 for The Elder Scrolls Online, an update that’s adding several quality-of-life features for players to take advantage of. Chief among these is the new Group & Activity Finder, which can sort and find like-minded players for almost anything in the game. Several filters can be used, and you can set a password to keep things private.

Players can also take advantage of the Grandmaster Crafting Stations, which will save a huge amount of space in their apartments, requiring far fewer separate stations to be set up. New Antiquities are on the way, as is a new deck of cards for Tales of Tribute, but all of these are unlocked by partaking in the Endless Archive.

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