X (formerly Twitter) launches $1 Not-A-Bot subscription for new users

X (formerly Twitter) announced its latest subscription method which aims to tackle the ongoing bot/spam posts problem on the platform. With the Not-A-Bot subscription service, all new users on X will have to pay the equivalent of $1 annually to verify their account before they can start posting. The program is set to go live in New Zealand (NZD 1.43) and the Philippines (PHP 42.51) with more regions set to follow after. Existing X users will not be affected by the new program.

Setting up a new X account will require a phone verification first, followed by a payment for one of the subscription plans. Per the press release, new users on the web version of X will be able to post content, like posts, reply, repost as well as quote and bookmark other accounts’ posts. New users who opt out of the subscription plans will only be able to read posts, watch videos and follow accounts.


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