Apple’s first HomePod with a screen isn’t what you’re expecting

There have been plenty of reports of Apple looking to get into the smart screen game over the last couple of years. There’s been talk of iPads mimicking the Pixel Tablet’s ability to turn into Nest Hub-like devices when docked, a dedicated HomePod smart screen and even an Apple TV/HomePod hybrid.  

But the first physical evidence of Apple working on a HomePod with a screen is something completely different. It looks just like a normal HomePod 2, only there’s a small LCD screen embedded in the top of the speaker.

The HomePod prototype

(Image credit: Kosutami / Twitter)

That image is courtesy of the device collector and occasional leaker Kosutami, who was previously proved correct about Apple abandoning its silicone accessories for the iPhone 15. In the picture, you can see the HomePod running a (very faint) app called “LcdUTest”.

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