Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and other executives take a big hit to compensation

What you need to know

  • Satya Nadella’s 2023 compensation was $48,512,537 down from 2022’s $54,946,310 compensation. 
  • Other C-suite members were hit even harder like Amy Hood and Brad Smith losing between 22-24%. 
  • The compensation amount for Satya Nadella is still 250-1 for the CEO-to-employee pay ratio. 

Every year Microsoft is required to submit a regulatory filing that includes compensation for its CEO and other top executives. In the most recent regulatory filing for fiscal year 2023 submitted by Microsoft, we are able to see that Microsoft’s C-suite has had a substantial reduction in its compensation over fiscal year 2022. This was mostly due to the company missing several of its financial targets for the year. We have a breakdown of the compensation numbers and what it means on a larger scale.

How much does Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella make?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made $48,512,537 down from $54,946,310 the prior year an astounding 250 to 1 ratio compared to the average Microsoft employee. Speaking of the average Microsoft employee, we recently reported on the new hire salary for several Microsoft positions. The other executives named in the filing document also had substantial decreases in their compensation. 

  • Satya Nadella FY2023 compensation – $48,512,537, FY2022 – $54,946,310, FY2021 – $49,858,280
  • Amy Hood FY2023 compensation – $19,902,897, FY2022 – $26,466,141, FY2021 – $23,466,141
  • Judson Althoff FY2023 compensation – $16,204,718 FY2022 – $18,848,998, FY2021 – N/A
  • Bradford Smith FY2023 compensation – $18,115,690 FY2022 – $23,408,739, FY2021 – $20,455,896
  • Christopher Young FY2023 compensation – $9,815,914 FY2022 – $11,270,458, FY2021 – $28,495,083

Satya Nadella lost 11.2% over last year, Amy Hood is down 24.4%, and Brad Smith 22.6% over their fiscal year 2022 compensation, and this is being caused by the company missing some of its financial goals. We have a breakdown of some of the raw numbers as well as an image of the table from the filing document for those interested.

Image of Microsoft Executives compensation for Fiscal Year 2023

The Fiscal Year 2023 compensation tables show the top 5 Microsoft executives compensation over the last 3 years.. (Image credit: Microsoft)

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