Microsoft investing $3.2 Billion in Australia to expand AI

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is investing a total of $3.2 Billion in Australia.
  • It is adding more datacenters to increase its capabilities in AI and cloud computing.
  • Microsoft says this is the largest investment it has made in Australia in its 40-year history.

Economies across the world are struggling right now, but Microsoft is making more moves to secure its future prosperity. And today it announced a $3.2 Billion investment in Australia over a period of two years. This is to boost the number of datacenters in the country and with that increase its AI and cloud computing capabilities. This will be increased from 20 to 29 datacenter sites; a 45% increase, across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Microsoft also stated that in addition to this large investment it would also support the training of 300,000 Australians in “digital economy” occupations, as well as sharing more information on cybersecurity threats. Microsoft says that this is the biggest investment they have ever made in the country of Australia in the company’s 40-year history.

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