Inductive position sensor achieves high resolution

Renesas has developed an inductive position sensor (IPS) technology that delivers a resolution of up to 19 bits and accuracy of up to 14 bits. The magnet-free, dual-coil technology can replace magnetic and optical encoders used in motor control systems for robotics, industrial, and medical applications.

According to Renesas, the IPS technology uses sensing elements consisting of copper coils etched on a pc board to detect the position of a metallic target. IPS products are able to operate at 600 krpm (electrical) and detect motor position at startup. Propagation delay is less than 2 µs, useful for motors that operate at high rotational speeds.

IPS technology supports auto-calibration and linearization features, and it is adaptable to any full-scale angle range through coil design. IPS devices will support UART, ABI, and I2C communication interfaces and offer two voltage supply ranges: 3.3 V ±10% and 5.0 V ±10%.

Samples of the new induction position sensor are available in limited quantity by contacting Product names and specification details will be available in Q2 2024 when mass production begins. For information about the company’s current inductive position sensors, click here.

Renesas Electronics

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