MacBook Pro with M3 Pro/M3 Max brings huge performance boost — and new Space Black design

In one of the least surprising (or spooky) reveals of the year, Apple has announced its much-rumored M3 chip lineup, which includes the M3 Pro chip and the M3 Max chip at its October ‘Scary Fast’ event. These powerful new processors feature in the freshly revealed M3 MacBook Pro, which will launch with various configuration options on November 7.

The most powerful laptops Apple has ever released, both 14- and 16-inch M3 MacBook Pro models will launch on November 7, with starting prices of $,1999 for the former, and $2,499 for the latter. These are the exact price tags we were expecting, with each M3-refreshed Pro launching for the same amount as their M2-powered predecessors. 

MacBook Pro M3 Pro in Space Black

(Image credit: Apple)

The base $1,999 M3 MacBook Pro 14-inch features 12 CPU cores (six performance and six for efficiency) and 18 GPU cores, with up to 36GB of unified memory. That’s a significant boost from the 10-core GPU and 16-core GPU featured in the base M2 MacBook Pro 14-inch. It’s also worth noting the M3 series’ efficiency cores are now 15% faster than the M2 lineup. 

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