Microsoft rolls out faster Xbox app development

What you need to know

  • WebView2 app development support is now available for Xbox. 
  • This means app developers can use newer, Chromium-based Edge when making apps for Xbox consoles. 
  • This can translate to faster performance and better stability for players using apps.
  • Not many apps available now use this new technology, but more will come over time.

Better app performance is on the way for Xbox players!

Microsoft shared on Wednesday that WebView2 development support is available, meaning that any app developers can take advantage of more recent Edge technology. Microsoft previously rolled out Chromium-based Edge support for better performance on Windows, but developers on Xbox still had to use the older EdgeHTML WebView technology. 

Microsoft outlines that developers can now expect better performance and a better remote debugging experience. WebView2 allows developers to add HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code within an app. This can also make app development easier, as it allows developers to take a hybrid approach and reuse a lot of code when developing for an online experience through a computer browser as well as in an app. 

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