‘Loki’ season 2 episode 5 review: An unexpected solution

After last week’s very shocking fourth episode of Loki season 2, it was hard to predict how things were going to play out next. If the first half of the season had a clear path on display, the second one seems to always be a step ahead of the audience. Comic book fans may have some ideas about the story’s endgame as we slowly approach the next two Avengers movies, but discerning the main narrative beats between now and then has been almost impossible, especially when Marvel Studios is facing so much trouble.

In ‘Science/Fiction’ the show temporarily becomes simpler to solve its most complex problem so far: How do you restore a rapidly degrading multiverse after a catastrophe that has erased almost all the rules which held it together? It unsurprisingly plays out like a straight-up sci-fi short story about time travel, but our group of unexpected heroes are still present and Ravonna Renslayer isn’t the solution we needed. In fact, she’s not in the episode at all.

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