Create and maintain your website with a suite of classical tools that come under a new name and package, nice and easy for you to enjoy

When developing websites, a suite of applications is needed, and installing each one will take time. With Wamp Server your life should become easier to deal with because you get all necessary software bundled in one go.

The program is straightforward provided you already know everything there is to about websites, coding, PHP, MySQL, and so on.

What exactly do I get in this package?

Aside from Apache, MySQL, and PHP, users can also enjoy SQLBuddy, PhpMyAdmin, and even XDC or Xdebug. The application itself might feel a bit weird, seeing as its interface is a big drop-down menu from where you can access everything it has to offer.

Nevertheless, you should be able to deal with most of the functions quite easily once again, provided you have already some relevant knowledge in the domain.

The user will enjoy basic server functionality without the hassle of installing and adjusting applications that are either hard to get or take a lot of time to configure. Testing functionality on your website can also be done quite easily through this program. Although I am not an expert in the field, I found it quite easy to work with.

The menu and its options

Right, so from the beginning, it should be quite easy to access localhost and your WWW directory. Debugging can also easily be taken into consideration. Starting, stopping, and restarting services will easily be done from the same menu. Error logs, if any appear, will be visible from one particular submenu. Overall, I felt the app was indeed intuitive, even if it deals with programming and coding, and we tend to see these apps as scary from the get-go.

Wamp Server is pretty much what the name implies, an application that can help and act as your website server with many options, perks, and utilities included.

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