Bring your browser history at your fingertips with the help of this Firefox extension that also allows you to manage bookmarks and add tags to your favorite web pages

While any decent browser should offer at least some basic tools to help you get access to previously visited websites, some users believe this functionality is not intuitive enough, and they prefer to have an extension do the job.

WorldBrain’s Memex for Firefox is one such browser addon capable not only of keeping an eye on your history but also of managing your bookmarks so that you have no trouble finding what you are looking for in the shortest time possible.

Helps you manage browser history and bookmarks in Firefox

First off, it need be said that the Firefox extension can index your recent history right from the start, but if you want to manage more data, it is possible to import your history and bookmarks from an external source.

Aside from that, it is worth mentioning that the addon cares about your privacy. In other words, if you want to make sure specific websites are not indexed, turning to the “Blacklist” section should help you do that. And since we have touched upon the subject, you may also want to know that pausing indexing is possible simply by clicking on the extension’s icon in the toolbar, then hitting the dedicated button.

Packs nifty filtering functionality

As for the added value WorldBrain’s Memex for Firefox brings along, it should be said that its search capabilities allow you to turn to keywords in order to find previously visited websites, but for the time being, only exact matches are supported.

Various filters can also be applied so that you narrow down your inquiry. As such, you can specify the time interval you want to focus on as well as turn to tags in order to be prompted with more specific results. Moreover, selecting the domains you are interested in is possible for the same purpose.

All in all, WordlBrain’s Memex for Firefox is a promising extension that lets you juggle with your browser history and bookmarks so that you can make the most of it. The software utility enables you to exclude items from the index and also filter the ones that have been logged, proving a nifty browser companion especially if you are doing research for a project and productivity is a priority for you.

Chrome users have not been forgotten as the extension is also offered in a flavor aimed at this browser specifically, which has also been reviewed by Softpedia.

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