SnapLogic unveils no-code tool for creating LLM-powered apps

Data integration platform provider SnapLogic has unveiled GenAI Builder, a no-code development tool for creating applications and automations powered by large language models (LLMs).

GenAI Builder, announced January 24 and accessible from the company website, leverages conversational AI to allow business users to create LLM-powered applications and workflows for customers, employees, and partners, SnapLogic said. The tool lets users integrate AI with enterprise data to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and personalization of data for customer support automation, data analysis and reporting, contract and document review, personalized marketing, and many other enterprise use cases.

GenAI Builder lets IT or business teams do the following:

  • Deliver digital experiences and support demand for AI-driven services.
  • Add conversational AI copilots to existing and new applications through a no-code visual designer and pre-built templates for common use cases.
  • Integrate data with LLMs to create retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications without coding, ensuring context-specific AI results while safeguarding data integrity.

GenAI Builder is compatible with legacy mainframe data, modern databases, and APIs, whether hosted in the cloud or on premises. The product is available now in private beta, with general availability slated for February.

GenAI Builder is the latest addition to the SnapLogic AI Suite. SnapLogic said generative AI could help global businesses improve customer interactions, automate business processes, provide conversational business intelligence, and offer IT acceleration via code generation. 

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