Best Heat Shrink Labels Reviews In 2024

If you are working in a busy construction site or repairing a circuit at home just to label things up you need a good quality heat shrink label in your kit.

Before buying good-quality heat shrink labels, You must go through a few key points to judge what you should get and shouldn’t. To rescue you from a tiring research session, we have prepared a list of useful features to look for in these Heat shrink labels before investing your money and time. Scroll on.

  • Shrink Ratio: A heat shrink ratio indicates the size of the cable before the shrinkage and after the stage. When opting for a heat shrink cable, the shrink ratio is one of the crucial factors to consider. When the cable is being wrapped around the cable, it has a different sizing, and in the presence of a heating object, it shrinks down, and the size will change. A heat shrink cable with  2:1 indicates that the cable will become half of the original size after shrinkage. The same thing applies to the cables with a 3:1 shrink ratio. The shrinkage also depends on the material of a product.
  • Size: When buying labels for wires and cables, you must remember the cable’s diameter before purchasing a suitable heat-shrink cable wrap. Excessively loose or tight cables won’t fit properly or can act abnormally when they come close to heat. The label maker, the wires, and the diameter of these cables are co-dependent.
  • Compatibility: When buying heat shrink labels, you have to check the specifications of the label maker you have. Certain products with specific diameters won’t fit into every machine. The material of a label and the surface that will be applied can be diverse, which can cause problems. The shape of the cable, the label maker, and the surface must be coordinated before using such products.

Now, here we have discussed all the best products available in the market extensively, and each product’s “Key Features” are mentioned beside them. So you get a clear idea before buying a heat shrink label for your label maker or other projects.

Best Heat Shrink Labels Table

Best Heat Shrink Labels Shrink Ratio Size Compatibility Buy Now
Aonomi Heat Shrink Label 3:1 1/2 inch DYMO
Rhino 1000,
3000 etc
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USUPERINK Heat Shrink Label 2:1 0.34


D200, PT-
D215e, PT-
D201 etc
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Wonfoucs Heat Shrink Label 3:1 1/4 inch RhinoPRO
3000, 4200,
5000 etc
Check On Amazon
Pristar Heat Shrink Label 2:1 0.23


H300, PT-
PT-E500 etc
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Absonic Heat Shrink Label 2:1 1/4 inch PT-E300,
PT-E500 etc
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Best Heat Shrink Labels Reviews

1. Aonomi Heat Shrink Label

Aonomi Heat Shrink LabelAonomi Heat Shrink LabelWhen you are looking for a multitasking and flame retardant industrial-grade labelling product for wire and cables, Aonomi Heat Shrink Label Maker might be the right one. The best part is these come in different materials. This brand produces heat shrink labels with a 3:1 shrink ratio, meaning it will shrink on the cable perfectly when it comes in contact with heat and will stay on for a long time.

The manufacturer provides 12mm wide and 1.5 m long cables; the preferred cable diameter should be 2.97mm to 5.13mm. Aonomi labels are most suitable with DYMO Rhino label makers such as 1000, 3000, 4200, 5200, 6000 models, ILP-219, 3M PL100, PL150, PL300  etc and Tyco T107M older machines. This 1/2″ wide heat shrink tube is perfect for CAT6 or CAT5 cables.

These Aonomi Tube labels are made from flattened polyolefin, best for the highest-performing temperature. These are UV light, oil, water, and chemical resistant and stay intact in a cool and hot environment. This Thermal transfer printing technology provides clear and smudge-free prints that won’t fall off easily from the surface as they shrink up perfectly on the wires..

Best Features:

  • Made of polyolefin, flame-resistant
  • Suitable for thermal printing technology
  • Suitable for Rhino label makers
  • Shrink ratio is 3:1
  • Each Cartridge is 12mm wide and 1.5m long
  • Preferable cable diameter should be 2.97mm to 5.13 mm
  • Black color print comes in 3 packs


  • Budget-friendly
  • Heat, Cold, UV light, water, oil, chemical resistant
  • Smudge-free, budge-free print
  • Shrinks faster when it comes in contact with a heat gun
  • 3 pack, each 1.5 m long


  • Overseas shipping issues.

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2. USUPERINK Heat Shrink Label

USUPERINK Heat Shrink LabelUSUPERINK Heat Shrink LabelKINGSALES TECH INC is a small business that manufactures premium USUPERINK Heat Shrink Tube label markers that are widely used in the power, telecommunications, and network engineering industries. These labels are also suitable for indoors and outdoors. The shrink ratio of this product is 2:1, which indicates the size of the tube label and the size of the label maker’s slot.

The brand provides 4.92 ft long and 8.8 mm wide label tapes. USUPERINK Heat Shrink Tubes labels are perfect for identifying fibres, cables, and wires and are most recommended for cable sizes that range between 2.6 mm and 5.1 mm( diameter). These heat shrink labels are very soft and elastic, have a fast shrinkage rate, and are perfect for marking cables, fibres, and wires.

The prints are clear, crisp, and durable. The labels are flame-retardant and have insulating properties, so these prints don’t budge easily. These compatible HS HSe label tapes are waterproof, grime and grease-resistant, prevent abrasion, and don’t budge around chemicals. This comes with a limited-period warranty and a 30-day replacement guarantee, so the deal is a win-win situation for buyers.

Best Features:

  • Suitable for thermal printing
  • Perfect for Brother P-touch label makers
  • 92 ft long and 8.8 mm wide
  • 2:1 shrink rate
  • Black prints on yellow coloured tape
  • Come in 3-pack


  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-efficient
  • Shrinks well and faster with the heat gun
  • Water, heat, cold, oil, chemical resistant
  • Labels are soft and made from polyethene


  • Not available in all regions

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3. Wonfoucs Heat Shrink Label

Wonfoucs Heat Shrink LabelWonfoucs Heat Shrink LabelWonfoucs manufactures vinyl heat shrink labels, perfect for high-end quality cable identification and can compete with other industrial-level shrink tube brands mostly used for wires, cables, and other curved surfaces.

They produce an ¼ inch industrial-grade polyolefin shrink tube with a 3:1 shrink ratio, providing a perfect fit for cables and wires. The brand provides five packs of tapes, each 1.5m long and 6mm wide. Such labels are 1/4″ long heat shrink tubes suitable for cables that range from 1.18mm up to 2.33mm in diameter.

These cables are suitable for models like Dymo Pro label printers such as RhinoPRO 3000, 4200, 5200, 6000, and ILP-219 label makers. It is also perfect for 3M PL300 and Tyco T107M older models. These labels are most suitable for Thermal transfer printing, and these printed labels won’t budge underwater, oil, or moisture. They won’t deteriorate under any circumstances, and the prints are quite prominent and durable as they won’t fade easily after the labels are sealed with a hot gun onto the wires or surface.

Best Features:

  • Made from polyolefin
  • Best for thermal transfer printing
  • Shrink rate is 3:1
  • 5 packs of tape each 1.5m long and 6mm wide
  • Suitable for DYMO Rhino label makers
  • Black color print on white tapes


  • Resistant to water, oil, grease
  • The material is soft and flexible
  • Can be used with a heat gun or other heat machines
  • Prints don’t fade away easily
  • Industry-level label quality within budget
  • Durable, won’t chip off easily
  • Suitable for office work or home


  • Non- OEM product material

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4. Pristar Heat Shrink Label

Pristar Heat Shrink LabelPristar Heat Shrink LabelPristar manufactures heat-resistant, premium-quality tube labels for marking wires and labels that can be applied to various surfaces, including stainless steel or glass. These come with a 2:1 shrink ratio recommended for cables ranging between 17 mm to 3.2 mm in diameter that come with 3-pack replacements.

The length of the product is 4.9 feet and 5.8mm wide. Prister label makers Work perfectly with Brother PT-E300/H300/E300VP/E550W/E500/E500VP/E550WVP/P750WVP, and PTE800W etc. The labels are Water Resistant, and the prints are quite long-lasting, so they don’t fade easily.

These Heat-shrinkable labels are compatible with various materials and can be easily applied to acrylic-coated wood, plastic, resin, polypropylene, and irregular surfaces. If you want to save money and have a fast production, you can print the labels at once and cut them into desired pieces.

Pristar made these labels that don’t get affected in critical environments, such as high or low-temperature conditions, and perform excellently in humidity. To avoid errors, the users are instructed not to pull out the label while printing or touching the cutter. The manufacturer provides a limited-period warranty and a 30-day return policy, which is a good investment deal.

Best Features:

  • Uses thermal technologies
  • Shrink ratio is 2:1
  • 9 feet long and 5.8 mm wide cables
  • Perfectly fit for Brother label makers
  • Black print of color
  • 3-pack replacement labels


  • Able to print on glass, metal, or wooden surfaces
  • The print doesn’t budge easily
  • Works perfectly in high or low-temperature
  • Works well with resin, plastic, acrylic etc
  • Good for indoors, kitchen, or home appliances


  • Overseas Material shipping can be difficult

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5. Absonic Heat Shrink Label

Absonic Heat Shrink Label Absonic Heat Shrink Label Absonic labels are 4.92 feet long and 6mm wide, and with the 2:1 shrink ratio, the labels provide a perfect grip and labelling solution for wires and cables. These labels can be used broadly outdoors and indoors on various stuff such as cables, wires, fibres, etc. These come with 3-pack replacements and are perfect for DYMO D1 tapes. Ptouch Label Makers such as hse-211 hse211 heat shrink tape, PT-E300, PT-H300, PT-E300VP, PT-E500, PT-E500VP, PT-E800W, PT-D215e, PT1600, PT1650, PT2200, PT2210, PT2300, PT2400, PT2430PC, etc. for more details and suitable cable makers for such cables you can consult the customer service provided by the manufacturer.

These Absonic heat shrinkable labels are very soft; they have insulation properties and shrink quickly at the touch of heat. It can be used for multiple purposes as it is widely used in wire connections, identification, and wire treatments. They are mainly used in Solar joints, wire harness identification built for resistance and capacitance insulation, and corrosion protection of metal pipes or rods.

These are water, moisture, heat, cold, UV radiation resistance, and resistance to abrasion so that the prints won’t fade out easily. Absonic labels come with a limited-period warranty, which can be availed from the manufacturing website. If you buy them from Amazon, they provide you a 30-day replacement policy if the tags in the box are intact and the products are unused.

Best Features:

  • Suitable for Thermal transfer printing
  • Comes with 5-pack replacement
  • Labels are 4.92 feet long and 6mm wide
  • Shrink ratio is 2:1
  • Suitable for DYMO tapes and Brother label makers
  • Used for wire identification and treatment


  • Ink or toner is not needed
  • Budget-friendly
  • The prints won’t budge, fade
  • Shrinks faster
  • Oil, heat, water, UV resistant
  • Can be used for indoor projects as well
  • Provides perfect fit for irregular surfaces


  • Is not available in all region

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Buying Guide For Heat Shrink Labels

There are too many available options in the market, and you need the right gadget. With the proper research and comparison, we compiled this ample amount of information so that you get an idea of what to look for when searching for heat shrink labels. Here’s an extensive buyer’s guide to tally these features and get the right one.

1. Shrink Ratio

The shrink ratio implies the diameter of a label before the shrinkage and after the heat application, not the size of the wire or cables. The size of the cables is a crucial thing, but the quality of the label, material, and shrink rate determines how fast a cable wrap will work and how much better it will cover those wires. All the above-mentioned heat shrink labels have a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio, so you can get what is needed for the cables and what is suitable for the label maker.

2. Size

The perfectly fitted label will do an excellent job as an indicator. The durability and functionality depend on the size of the label. If it is too looser or tight, it won’t correctly sit well with the surface and can cause damage. A small label can cause disturbance and tear prematurely or take time to shrink and may not hold properly. It can be challenging to read the print properly if the label is too small, so you must check these before buying.

3. Compatibility

Before buying heat shrink labels, you must check the website to check the compatible label maker machines. Heat shrink labels come in specific sizes that fit appropriately in selective machines. For instance, the labels mentioned in the list are the most commonly used; some are suitable for Brother label makers, and others are fitted for DYMO ones.

4. Temperature Range

These labels are used for fast production and identification. Label materials play a huge part when it comes to heat shrink labels. Some products shrink very quickly, and some may take some time. A product that is too thin will shrink quickly depending on the temperature. Most brands use PVC or Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, which work differently but efficiently in thermal printing.

5. Print Quality

The cable materials are mostly polythene-based; in the thermal printing process, some label makers use inks, and others don’t. The labels mentioned above mostly use thermal printing or direct thermal transfer printing, which causes long-lasting, almost permanent printing. Most labels come in multiple colors like black, white, orange, or yellow, so the black heated prints last long. And if the label is laminated or heat, water, or oil resistant, the print won’t budge or fade away easily.

6. Material Type

Most of the heat shrink labels are made from polythene-like materials that can be shrunk easily. Depending on the temperature and brand, they have different melting points, so you should consult the manual guide. In the said list, Polyolefin and Polyvinyl Chloride are mostly used as the main materials for these labels.

Heat Shrink Labels – FAQs

1. What materials are commonly used in heat shrink labels?

Ans: PVC and polyolefin are most commonly used in heart shrink labels. They are easy to access, they easily shrink, and in any challenging environment, they stay intact.

2. How do I apply heat shrink labels?

Ans: The process is quite easy. You apply the label on the product, then apply heat with a heat gun so it shrinks. This way, the label stays intact and positioned properly.

3. Can heat shrink labels be customised for branding purposes?

Ans: For branding purposes, shrink labels can be customised. You can choose designs, materials, and colors according to your requirements. Some brands use the variety to offer a professional approach for different industries.

4. Are heat shrink labels compatible with different printing technologies?

Ans: Heat shrink labels are most compatible with thermal transfer printing, but they are suitable for many other options, such as inkjet printing or laser printing. You have to choose your desired labels according to their specific printing technology.

5. Can heat shrink labels be used for food and beverage products?

Ans: Heat shrink labels are widely used in the food and beverage industry to maintain the packaging and the brand value. Usually, these labels are suitable for every environment, so they stay intact.

6. How can I remove heat shrink labels from products?

Ans: Such labels are used as permanent markings, and removing them can cause damage to the products. If relabeling is necessary, you can reprint the label or reapply a new one.

7. Are heat shrink labels cost-effective for businesses?

Ans: The label material and the cost depend on the brand. If you are looking for good-quality printing and labels, you can invest in a long-term product that will yield long-lasting results.


The Internet is a long road, and if you consider this buyer’s guide a road map, then we can assure you that you must have gotten an idea of what to look for in a heat shrink label. After the materials, shrinkage, and other important key points, you must tally some other significant attributes. For that, we prepared a detailed list so that you can decide on a better option.

  • If you want a budget-friendly option, consider buying Aonomi Heat Shrink Label. These label tubes are 1.5 m long and come in 3 replacement packs, which is cost-efficient. These labels are compatible with Brother label makers, universally known for their label-making machines.

  • If you are already familiar with the label-making process and want to invest in a pricer label, you can buy Wonfoucs Heat Shrink Label. They are compatible with DYMO Pro printers. The five replacement packs, each 1.5 m long, are a good investment for the long run and high production.

  • If you want an industry-level product in a budget-friendly way, then Pristar Heat Shrink Label is the correct answer for you. It is a globally well-known brand and compatible with older label maker models and newer ones. If we judge from the price point, you will get 3 replacement packs in the box, which is a win-win situation.

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