Lockheed Martin Delivers 75th APY-9 Radar for Northrop Grumman’s E-2D Hawkeye Program

Lockheed Martin Delivers 75th APY-9 Radar for Northrop Grumman's E-2D Hawkeye Program

Lockheed Martin, in collaboration with Northrop Grumman for the U.S. Navy’s E-2D Advanced Hawkeye program, celebrates the delivery of the 75th APY-9 radar, reinforcing its position as a leader in Airborne Early Warning (AEW) radar development.

The APY-9 radar, integral to the E-2D platform, plays a pivotal role in providing the U.S. Navy with unparalleled sensor capability, contributing to information dominance and enhanced security in the 21st century. Chandra Marshall, Vice President of Lockheed Martin’s Radar & Sensor Systems business, emphasized the radar’s legacy in bolstering deterrence and ensuring the safety of military personnel. Marshall highlighted the APY-9’s role as a cornerstone in safeguarding U.S. interests and those of its allies across air, land, and sea domains.

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, equipped with Lockheed Martin’s APY-9 radar, has earned the moniker “eyes of the fleet” for its ability to monitor and protect naval operations. The radar’s reliability and advanced capabilities have garnered significant international demand, with Japan and France joining the U.S. Navy as key operators of the E-2D platform.

With the U.S. Navy funding 80 out of 86 aircraft in the current program of record and additional international orders, production of the APY-9 radar is expected to continue well into the late 2020s, with modernization efforts extending into the 2040s. Lockheed Martin’s longstanding partnership with Northrop Grumman underscores its commitment to delivering critical, actionable data to support decision-making for joint forces and first responders.

Drawing on its extensive experience in radar development, Lockheed Martin’s radar systems are renowned for their high performance, reliability, and adaptability to diverse operational environments. Trusted by more than 45 nations worldwide, Lockheed Martin’s radars continue to play a vital role in enhancing situational awareness and enabling effective air and missile defense capabilities globally.

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