Scope probes reach bandwidths up to 52 GHz

InfiniiMax 4 oscilloscope probes from Keysight operate at bandwidths up to 52 GHz (brickwall response) and 40 GHz (Bessel-Thomson response). The company reports that the InfiniiMax 4 is the first high-impedance probe head operating at more than 50 GHz, making it well-suited for high-speed digital, semiconductor, and wafer applications.

InfiniiMax 4 offers DC input resistance of 100 kΩ differential and two input attenuation settings: high-precision 1-Vpp and high-voltage 2-Vpp maximum input range. The probes work with Infiniium UXR-B series oscilloscopes equipped with 1.85-mm and 1.0-mm input connectors. They are also compatible with the AutoProbe III interface.

The InfiniiMax 4 probes feature an RCRC architecture with a flexible PCA probe head that leverages the natural flexibility of the PCA to take the strain off the delicate tip wires. Their modular probe-head amplifier provides multiple access points, eliminating the need for custom evaluation boards or interposers.

Request a price quote for InfiniiMax 4 oscilloscope probes using the link to the product page below.

InfiniiMax 4 product page

Keysight Technologies 

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