7 Best Emergency Lantern for Home Power Failure in 2024

An emergency lantern is an indispensable tool that ensures safety and visibility during unexpected power outages, camping trips, or emergency situations.

Though flashlights can be helpful, a lantern outshines them by brightening your whole campsite and facilitating tasks needing both hands.

While the ideal camping lantern varies for everyone, our thorough search was aimed at discovering the best emergency lanterns that truly stand out.

The three main factors that helped us with our quest include

  • Light Brightness: Check the lumen output to match the intensity of light to your environment, whether you need broad illumination for open spaces or subtle lighting for close quarters.
  • Light Modes: Choose a lantern offering multiple light settings, ensuring you can adjust the intensity and functionality for everyday use or critical emergency signals.
  • Battery Type: Select a battery type—be it disposable, rechargeable, or solar-powered—that aligns with your usage patterns and the feasibility of recharging or replacing batteries in your context.

For more details on selecting the best emergency lantern, we recommend you explore our in-depth “Buying Guide” for a well-informed choice.

Additionally, detailed individual product reviews are designed to adequate guidance in choosing the best emergency lantern that suits your specific circumstances and requirements.

Roundup of the Top 7 Picks!

Best Emergency Lantern Table

Best Emergency Lantern Reviews

1. Vont Emergency Lantern

Vont Emergency LanternVont Emergency Lantern

Vont, a brand with a passion for the outdoors, crafts innovative and reliable outdoor devices. Their commitment to quality and adventure shines through their range of products designed for explorers at heart.

Constructed with military-grade materials, the Vont LED Camping Lantern is designed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding situations, ensuring durability even in rough handling. Its advanced LED technology not only provides energy efficiency but also delivers exceptional brightness and longevity, making it a steadfast source of light.

The thoughtful design of the lantern ensures a wide light spread, offering uniform illumination that is perfect for enveloping tents, rooms, or expansive outdoor areas in a warm glow. Adding to its robustness, the lantern is also water-resistant. Its ability to survive a 10-foot drop and withstand temporary submersion under water testifies to its adaptability and resilience, making it an ideal choice for any weather conditions and ensuring that it remains a beacon of reliability when you need it most.

The Vont LED Camping Lantern boasts a unique, collapsible design that not only makes it as portable as your phone when not in use but also allows you to adjust the brightness by simply expanding or collapsing the lantern.

The Vont LED Camping Lantern comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind by covering loss, theft, and defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. For product support or assistance, customers can easily reach out to Vont’s dedicated customer service team, ensuring that help is always just a message or call away.

Key Features

  • Light Brightness: Equipped with 30 LEDs, it slices through darkness with ease, offering bright, 360-degree illumination.
  • Light Modes: Features an adjustable brightness level through its collapsible design, allowing for versatility in lighting intensity.
  • Battery Type: Comes with 3 AA batteries that ensures long-lasting light for up to 90 hours.


  • Extremely bright with 360-degree LED illumination
  • Lightweight, compact, and collapsible design for easy portability
  • Durable and waterproof, suitable for harsh conditions
  • Long battery life, up to 90 hours of continuous use
  • Lifetime warranty and reliable customer support


  • Limited to one light mode
  • Batteries need to be replaced, no rechargeable option

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2. Lighting Ever Emergency Lantern

Lighting Ever Emergency LanternLighting Ever Emergency Lantern

Lepro is committed to pioneering the field of lighting by delivering intelligent and reliable lighting solutions. They focus on integrating high-quality LEDs with advanced optical designs to enrich user experience.

The LE Camping Lantern is not only powerful in terms of brightness but is also versatile and durable. It comes with an IPX4 water resistance rating, meaning it is protected against splashing water from all angles, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities in any weather condition.

The lantern’s long battery life is noteworthy, capable of lasting 12 hours even at its maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, ensuring that you will not be left in the dark during prolonged use.

The lantern boasts a unique design with a hanging hook at the bottom and a metal handle on top, allowing for versatile placement and usage. The removable cover adds to its functionality, as the lantern can be inverted and hung on shepherd hooks, tents, or branches for overhead lighting. This feature is particularly useful for those who need a hands-free lighting solution in various situations.

Lepro is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their emergency lantern comes with 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Key Features

  • Light Brightness: Offers up to 1000 lumens of high brightness, perfect for reading or lighting up a large space.
  • Light Modes: Features four different light modes that include flashing, daylight white, warm white, and high brightness) to cater to various lighting needs.
  • Battery Type: Equipped with 3pcs D alkaline batteries, ensuring long-lasting illumination even at the highest brightness setting.


  • High brightness with adjustable dimming, up to 1000 lumens
  • Four versatile lighting modes for different scenarios
  • Durable and long-lasting, with 12 hours of battery life on the highest setting
  • IPX4 water resistance for reliable use in all weather conditions
  • Unique design with a hanging hook and removable cover for versatile use


  • Batteries not included, adding extra expense and effort for procurement

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3. Etekcity Emergency Lantern

Etekcity Emergency LanternEtekcity Emergency Lantern

Etekcity is dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that enhance your outdoor experiences, offering high-quality, durable, and practical products designed to brighten your adventures and provide safety in emergencies.

The Etekcity Camping Lantern is made of military-grade ABS material, ensuring it’s not only durable but also waterproof, making it capable of withstanding tough conditions and wet environments. The lantern’s LED light source is known for its energy efficiency and long life, ensuring you have a reliable light source that is both bright and enduring.

Compact and portable, this lantern is designed for convenience. Its lightweight design makes it suitable for backpack storage, and it can be easily hung inside tents, making it an essential tool for camping trips. The lantern’s wide light angle provides comprehensive illumination, ensuring that your campsite or any area you occupy is well-lit.

This lantern boasts a convenient storage compartment at the top, perfect for storing keys, change, or spare batteries. It’s an ideal emergency tool to have in your car or home for unexpected power outages, roadside repairs, or any other emergency situation where a reliable light source is needed.

Etekcity offers robust customer support and warranty services. For warranty information, assistance, or other inquiries, customers can easily connect with Etekcity’s customer support team.

Key Features

  • Light Brightness: Comes with 30 LED bulbs, emitting 140 lumens for bright, 360° lighting during your camping adventures or power outages.
  • Light Modes: Offers a single, efficient lighting mode, ensuring simplicity and ease of use.
  • Battery Type: Powered by 3 AA batteries, this lantern provides up to 50 hours of stable and bright lighting.


  • Bright with 140 lumens and 360° lighting
  • Long battery life of up to 50 hours
  • Compact, portable, and easy to store or hang
  • Durable, waterproof, and made of military-grade ABS
  • Convenient storage compartment for small items


  • Limited to one light mode

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4. GearLight Emergency Lantern

GearLight Emergency LanternGearLight Emergency Lantern

GearLight specializes in creating durable and reliable lighting solutions designed to illuminate your adventures and provide peace of mind during emergencies.

The GearLight Camping Lantern is a testament to versatility and practicality. Made from sturdy plastic, it is built to endure the rigors of outdoor use and emergency situations. The lantern’s COB LED light source type is renowned for its energy efficiency and durability, ensuring that you have a reliable light source that lasts. Its design offers a comprehensive light angle, shining light uniformly across your space, making it perfect for camping, power outages, and more.

The lantern’s long battery life guarantees that you will have a consistent and dependable light source when you need it most. Although specifics about water resistance aren’t provided, its robust construction suggests it can handle challenging environments.

What sets the GearLight Camping Lantern apart is its ease of use and adaptability. Each lantern comes with a foldable hook and a strong magnetic base, allowing you to set up overhead or stationary lighting effortlessly in various scenarios, including in a tent, garage, or the back of a truck. The compact size (5.125 x 3.375 x 3.375 inches) makes it an excellent medium-sized lantern for both emergencies and everyday use.

Key Features

  • Light Brightness: Equipped with COB LED technology, it emits super bright, daylight-like illumination, enveloping your surroundings in 360 degrees of light.
  • Light Modes: Features versatile lighting options, providing flexibility for various situations and needs.
  • Battery Type: Powered by AA batteries, ensuring hours of continuous, reliable lighting wherever you go.


  • Exceptionally bright COB LED illumination
  • Foldable hook and magnetic base for versatile placement
  • Includes two lanterns and six AA batteries for immediate and extended use
  • Compact and easy to carry, suitable for various situations
  • Straightforward and user-friendly, with a simple operational design


  • Warranty details not specified

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5. Streamlight Emergency Lantern

Streamlight Emergency LanternStreamlight Emergency Lantern

Streamlight is renowned for its ‘hands-on’ approach, crafting lighting tools that are rigorously tested and refined through real-world experience, ensuring they meet the exacting needs of customers in various demanding fields.

Constructed from polycarbonate thermoplastic, the Streamlight 44931 Siege Lantern is not only durable but also ergonomically designed. Its rugged build includes unbreakable lenses and a rubber-molded base that ensures stability on uneven surfaces. This lantern is also waterproof (IPX7 rated), capable of floating, and has an impact resistance of 2 meters, ensuring it withstands harsh conditions and environments.

The light source type is LED, known for its energy efficiency and longevity. The Siege Lantern boasts five power LEDs (four white and one red), offering various output modes. The battery life is extended thanks to the efficient use of D cell batteries, and battery replacement is simplified with a keyed battery door and a center post that ensures correct orientation.

The Siege Lantern’s removable cover is a notable feature, reducing glare and providing a comfortable, even light distribution without impairing vision. It can be used with or without the outer globe, and hanging it upside down by the D-ring transforms it into a large area light.

The recessed power button prevents accidental activation and indicates battery life. The ergonomic handle can lock in an upright or stowed position, and the incorporated D-rings allow for versatile hanging options. This product comes with a lifetime warranty duration which showcases its reliability.

Key Features

  • Light Brightness: Provides 360 degrees of soft, even light, ensuring comprehensive illumination of large areas.
  • Light Modes: Features multiple light modes, including both white and red LEDs, catering to different lighting needs and preserving night vision.
  • Battery Type: Utilizes three “D” cell alkaline batteries, designed for long-lasting and reliable power (batteries sold separately).


  • 360-degree soft, even light distribution
  • Multiple light modes, including white and red LEDs
  • Durable, waterproof, and floats in water
  • Ergonomic design with versatile hanging options
  • Simplified battery replacement with keyed door


  • Batteries not included and need regular replacement
  • Bulky size compared to some compact models

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6. AYL Emergency Lantern

AYL Emergency LanternAYL Emergency Lantern

AYL focuses on creating high-quality, reliable lighting solutions, designed to enhance your outdoor experiences and provide dependable light during emergencies

The AYL LED Camping Lantern is constructed to endure the elements, offering water resistance that makes it suitable for all your camping or hiking adventures, as well as a reliable component of your emergency or survival kit. Its LED light source is not only energy-efficient but also long-lasting, minimizing the need for frequent bulb replacements and providing consistent, bright light.

Its light angle is thoughtfully designed with a removable glare-reducing milky print cover, ensuring comfortable use in close quarters by softening the intense brightness. For more focused lighting needs, the bulb cover can be easily removed.

This lantern is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a lightweight and portable size that easily fits into your backpack or emergency kit. The slip-proof handle enhances its practicality, allowing for easy hanging and ensuring a steady, hands-free light source. The versatility of the light modes, coupled with the dimmable feature, ensures that you can tailor the light according to your specific needs.

AYL is committed to customer satisfaction and product quality. Coming to warranty, this product comes with lifetime warranty durations that assures durability and reliability.

Key Features

  • Light Brightness: Boasts an impressive 1800 lumens, powered by 46 LED bulbs, ensuring exceptional brightness for any situation.
  • Light Modes: Offers four versatile light modes, including daylight, warm light, both combined, and a flash mode, all dimmable to suit your lighting preferences.
  • Battery Type: Operates on 3 D-batteries, ensuring lasting illumination for extended periods.


  • Exceptionally bright with 1800 lumens
  • Four dimmable light modes for customizable illumination
  • Durable and water-resistant, ideal for outdoor use
  • Portable and lightweight with a slip-proof handle
  • Removable glare-reducing cover for comfortable, focused lighting


  • The intense brightness may be more than necessary for certain situations

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7. Rayovac Emergency Lantern

Rayovac Emergency LanternRayovac Emergency Lantern

Rayovac is synonymous with delivering durable, American-made lighting products that are designed to perform flawlessly in the toughest conditions, offering reliability and quality at a fair price.

The Rayovac Sportsman 3D LED Camping Lantern is constructed with a durable rubber and ABS material, making it tough enough to withstand rugged outdoor conditions and accidental drops (3 Foot Drop Test Rating). Its light source type, high-performance LEDs, are housed behind a shatterproof lens, casting a beam distance of 15 meters on high mode (10 meters on energy saver), ensuring that even the darkest areas are well lit.

As it is water resistant, it shines brightly in all environments and weather conditions, including rain, sleet, and storms, making it an indispensable tool for any outdoor adventure. The long battery life ensures you have consistent and dependable light, crucial for extended trips or emergencies.

This lantern stands out with its EZ Find Light & Folding Tent Hook, making it easy to locate and convenient to use in various settings. The rubberized handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, whether you are carrying it or hanging it at your campsite.

Rayovac offers a lifetime warranty on this lantern, showcasing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. For warranty details, product assistance, or support, customers are encouraged to contact Rayovac’s dedicated customer service team.

Key Features

  • Light Brightness: Features a 4-watt LED light that emits a powerful 305 lumens on high mode, ensuring bright illumination for all your outdoor activities.
  • Light Modes: Offers three versatile modes – high, energy-saving low, and a strobe feature for emergencies or location signaling.
  • Battery Type: Powered by three D RAYOVAC Alkaline Batteries, providing up to 70 hours of runtime on high mode (140 hours on energy saver).


  • High brightness with 305 lumens and a 15-meter beam distance
  • Three light modes, including a strobe for emergencies
  • Long battery life, with up to 70 hours on high mode
  • Durable construction with water resistance and drop-test rating
  • Additional features like EZ Find Light & Folding Tent Hook for convenience


  • Limited light modes compared to other models
  • The outer casing, while durable, adds extra weight

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How to Choose the Best Emergency Lantern?

When it comes to ensuring safety and preparedness in emergency situations or during outdoor adventures, selecting the best emergency lantern is paramount.

The perfect lantern not only provides illumination but also offers reliability and functionality suited to your specific needs. Here is a detailed buying guide, focusing on the essential factors to consider:

1. Light Brightness

Light brightness, measured in lumens, is pivotal for adequate illumination. Higher lumens offer intense brightness, ideal for expansive, dark spaces, while lower lumens create a cozy ambiance for intimate settings. Assess the lantern’s lumen rating in relation to the intended use area to ensure it meets your illumination needs.

2. Light Modes

A lantern with multiple light modes offers adaptability for various situations. Modes like high, medium, low, and emergency (SOS or strobe) enhance functionality. Multi-mode lanterns provide flexibility, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit the occasion, conserve energy, and signal for help in emergencies.

3. Battery Type

The power source of a lantern is a vital consideration. Options include disposable batteries, which are readily available, rechargeable batteries that are cost-effective and eco-friendly over time, and solar-powered lanterns that harness renewable energy. Assess your ability to recharge or replace batteries and consider the duration and type of your activities to choose the most suitable and sustainable option.

4. Material

The material of your lantern impacts its durability and portability. Options like reinforced plastic and aircraft-grade aluminum are resilient against drops and harsh treatment. When selecting, balance durability with weight, ensuring your lantern is sturdy yet light enough for easy transport during hikes or travels.

5. Light Source Type

LED lanterns are favored for their longevity, energy efficiency, and cooler operation, making them a practical choice. Alternatively, incandescent lanterns provide a warmer glow but are less efficient in energy use, suiting those who prefer traditional lighting aesthetics.

6. Light Angle

The dispersion of light, or light angle, tailors your lantern to specific needs. A 360-degree light angle illuminates a broad area, perfect for group activities. In contrast, a focused light angle is ideal for directed tasks or navigating paths, offering concentrated illumination where it is most needed.

7. Battery Life

Long battery life is essential to avoid being left in the dark. Check the estimated run time on various settings. Some lanterns offer energy-saving modes to extend battery life, a crucial feature during prolonged use.

8. Water Resistance

If you are outdoors or in a situation where water exposure is likely (like storms or near bodies of water), ensure your lantern is water-resistant. Look for IP ratings that indicate the level of protection against water and dust.

9. Warranty

A good warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. It also ensures that you are covered in case of defects or issues. Consider the warranty length and what it covers before making your purchase.

Best Emergency Lantern – FAQs

1. Do lanterns have advantages over flashlights?

Ans: Opt for a flashlight when you need targeted, on-the-move lighting. However, if you require ambient illumination over a broader area, especially in stationary settings like campsites, a lantern is the preferable choice.

2. How effective is a 1000-lumen light source?

Ans: With 1000 lumens, expect a powerful beam of light that, contingent on its design, can light up areas up to 200 meters away, making it a formidable choice for extensive visibility.

3. What makes lanterns a vital component of emergency preparedness?

Ans: In emergency scenarios, lanterns play a pivotal role by offering widespread, intense lighting. This makes them indispensable for outdoor use or as a reliable light source during power failures.

4. What is the expected battery life for camping lanterns?

Ans: On full brightness, a camping lantern typically operates for around 3 hours, but this extends to over 80 hours on the lowest setting. For optimal performance, it is advisable to recharge the battery every 3 to 4 months.


Selecting the best emergency lantern is more than a mere convenience—it is a decision that can significantly impact your preparedness and comfort during unforeseen situations or outdoor adventures.

From rugged, weather-resistant builds to high-lumen outputs and innovative features like magnetic bases and collapsible designs, each lantern brings its unique set of benefits to the table.

Remember, the best lantern is the one that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and rises to the challenges you face, ensuring that when the lights go out, your peace of mind doesn’t.

Our Top Recommendations for the Best Emergency Lanterns Include

  • Vont Emergency Lantern: Known for its sturdy build, Vont lanterns are constructed with military-grade materials, making them exceptionally durable and suitable for the harshest conditions.

  • Lighting Ever Emergency Lantern: LE lanterns stand out for their high lumen output (up to 1000 lumens) and multiple light modes, including an adjustable dimming feature.

  • Etekcity Emergency Lantern: Etekcity lanterns are lightweight, compact, and have a collapsible design, making them highly portable and easy to store in backpacks. They are also durable, with a military-grade ABS shell, and offer a convenient storage compartment.

If you still have any lingering questions or in need of further guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments section below.

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