miHoYo miXED Launcher – Download

Gacha games are becoming increasingly mainstream, and as far as developers are concerned, miHoYo — or Hoyoverse, if you prefer the new name — is among the most notable names in the industry. Once you familiarize with one of their games, it’s very easy to hop into their other titles. Once bitten, twice shy, as they say…. but not really.

Each of their titles has its own dedicated launcher, which may be cumbersome if you play more than one game. miHoYo miXED Launcher gives you access to Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail and 3rd from the same interface, making for a convenient third-party solution.

miHoYo’s gacha in one place

As stated earlier, once acquainted with how miHoYo operates, it’s very easy to play multiple games from their catalog. For instance, the transition from Genshin Impact to Honkai Star Rail is surprisingly smooth given that the former is a third-person adventure open world game and the latter is a turn-based action title.

In any case, in this age where virtually everything has a launcher of its own, it’s nice to be able to consolidate multiple games into a singular interface. The launcher works well to provide you with this functionality: simply import your games by specifying their location, and the launcher should take care of the rest.

An interface that is somewhat familiar

You’ll notice that each game has an interface that is quite faithful to the one on its dedicated launcher. All the news, announcements, and activities are shown on its respective page, along with details about the current banners.

A nice addition comes in the form of the player info sections for Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, which will let you view an account’s highlighted characters. You need only to enter the respective profile’s UID and you’re good to go.

A miHoYo game launcher that keeps it simple and straightforward

miHoYo miXED Launcher is very easy to use and recommend, as it provides a more convenient way to manage the gacha company’s game catalog.

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