Dubai’s latest skyscraper is attempting for a world record

Dubai, the land of rapid development and an ever-evolving skyline is set to add yet another gem to its landscape. 

One Za’abeel, the brainchild of Japan’s Nikken Sekkei, is a newly completed project that aims to set a new standard in vertical design. Comprising two striking skyscrapers standing at 235 m and 305 m, the project is connected by a unique horizontal bridge section known as The Link. 

What makes The Link truly stand out is its cantilever nature, floating 100m above a bustling highway, making it the longest of its type in the world.

The engineers behind One Za’abeel intentionally constructed the towers with a subtle lean to facilitate the welding of The Link, which, upon attachment, gradually restored the towers to an upright position. According to New Atlas, this complex lifting operation involved a 12-day process to hoist the first section, weighing a staggering 8,500 tonnes, followed by a four-day procedure for the remaining 900-tonne cantilever tip. 

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