7 Best Cheap Security Cameras Under $50 in 2024

A cheap security camera provides a practical and economical way to keep an eye on your premises. without the hefty price tag.

Despite being budget-friendly, many cheap security cameras still offer decent features and durability, making it ideal for individuals and small businesses owners seeking surveillance while adhering to a limited budget.

However, with an array of options in the market, selecting the right camera can be daunting. To streamline your decision-making, consider these three key factors as a comprehensive guide to making a well-informed choice.

  • Resolution: Choose a camera with a minimum of 1080p resolution to ensure clear and detailed footage, crucial for identifying details and individuals.
  • Field of View: Make sure to select a camera with a wide field of view to cover more area with fewer devices, maximizing surveillance coverage and cost-efficiency.
  • Frame Rate: Choose a camera offering at least 30fps to ensure smooth, clear video playback, essential for capturing fast-moving objects and activities accurately.

For more essential insights, explore our detailed “Buying Guide” for essential insights. Whether you are a newcomer to security cameras or upgrading your current system. Our guide equips you with all you need to make an informed decision.

Later, delve into our thorough reviews of the top affordable security cameras, each offering in-depth analysis of performance and features.

Roundup of the Top 7 Picks!

Best Cheap Security Cameras List

Best Cheap Security Cameras Reviews

1. Blink Security Camera

Blink Security Camera Blink Security Camera

Blink Mini is a compact and powerful indoor plug-in smart security camera from Blink, renowned for its high-quality, user-friendly, and affordable home security solutions.

The Blink Mini is not just about basic surveillance; it is about smart, intuitive monitoring of your indoor spaces. Motion detection is finely tuned, with the ability to set custom zones, ensuring you receive alerts that matter most to you. Even in the dead of night, the camera’s night vision capabilities stand out, offering clear, infrared HD footage.

Two-way audio transforms your surveillance experience, allowing you to communicate with people or pets at home directly from your smartphone. When it comes to storage options, the Blink Mini offers flexibility. You can opt for the Blink Subscription Plan for cloud storage or use the Sync Module 2 for local storage without additional fees. Its smart home integration is seamless, especially with Alexa, enabling you to arm or disarm the camera or stream live video just using your voice.

Although primarily designed for indoor use, its compact and robust design ensures it functions well under various operating conditions. Its Wi-Fi connectivity supports 2.4 GHz 802.11g/n, ensuring stable and consistent video streaming, though it is important to note the requirement of a minimum 2 Mbps upload speed.

Blink Mini stands out with its easy setup, taking just minutes to plug in, connect to Wi-Fi, and start monitoring via the Blink Home Monitor app. The camera’s modern design, available in both white and black, fits any home décor seamlessly.

Rest assured with a 1-year limited warranty, ensuring your Blink Mini is protected against manufacturing defects. For any assistance or product help, customer support is easily reachable, providing you with the guidance you need for a smooth experience.

Key Features

  • Resolution: Captures sharp, detailed images and videos with 1080p HD resolution.
  • Field of View: Offers a broad visual coverage with a 110° diagonal field of view.
  • Frame Rate: Smooth video playback with a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second.


  • Affordable pricing with premium features
  • High-resolution video quality with 1080p HD
  • Customizable motion detection zones
  • Flexible storage options with cloud and local storage
  • Seamless integration with Alexa for convenient voice control
  • Easy setup and user-friendly app interface


  • Limited to indoor use, not weather-resistant for outdoor conditions
  • Requires stable Wi-Fi connectivity for optimal performance

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2. Wansview Security Camera

Wansview Security Camera Wansview Security Camera

Wansview has been a pioneer in the IP camera industry since 2002, renowned for its top-notch IP cameras, solidifying its status as a trusted name in home security. Wansview continues to be a reliable choice for homeowners looking to enhance their home security on a budget.

Wansview’s 2K WiFi IP Camera is a powerhouse of surveillance, offering a crystal-clear view of your home, anytime, anywhere, with connectivity over 2.4G WiFi (note: 5G is not supported). The camera’s two-way audio system integrates seamlessly with Alexa, allowing for convenient voice commands and communication with loved ones or pets from afar.

With smart PTZ features, you can enjoy a full 360° view, eliminating blind spots with 320° horizontal and 80° vertical rotation, and 4X digital zoom to focus on the finest details. Night vision is enhanced with 4 pcs 940nm IR LEDs, providing clear, black, and white imagery up to 5 meters in pitch darkness, without light pollution. Stay informed with real-time motion alerts; receive notifications and a 10s video clip on your phone to act promptly.

For storage, you have options: use an SD card (not included) or opt for cloud storage, both supported by Wansview’s stringent security and privacy protocols. The camera’s sleek design comes in black and white, fitting aesthetically into any home environment.

As it comes with 2.4G Wi-Fi Connectivity, it ensures stable and far-reaching wireless coverage. This security camera has PTZ Control which offers full room coverage with pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities. It provides additional security by alerting you to unexpected movements.

Key Features

  • Resolution: Delivers crisp, 2K high-resolution imagery for clear, detailed live video feeds.
  • Field of View: Wide 105° visual angle coupled with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) capabilities ensures comprehensive coverage of your space.
  • Frame Rate: Smooth video playback, ensuring you don’t miss a moment (specific frame rate not provided).


  • High 2K resolution for clear, detailed images
  • Comprehensive coverage with 105° field of view and PTZ features
  • Integrated two-way audio with Alexa compatibility
  • Flexible storage options with robust security measures
  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface


  • Does not support 5G Wi-Fi, limiting to 2.4G networks
  • SD card for local storage is not included and needs to be purchased separately
  • No warranty details specified by the manufacturer

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3. TP-Link Security Camera

TP-Link Security Camera TP-Link Security Camera

TP-Link’s Tapo series is synonymous with innovation and quality, rapidly gaining acclaim for providing smart, intuitive solutions and continuing to expand its product range for a comprehensive smart home ecosystem.

The TP-Link Tapo C200 is a versatile security solution, perfect for monitoring babies, pets, or general home security. Its comprehensive motion detection system alerts you instantly to movement, person detection, or even the sound of your baby crying, with no additional fees for these notifications. Its night vision capability ensures visibility up to 30 feet, even in total darkness, thanks to its integrated IR system.

Equipped with two-way audio and a built-in siren, this camera acts as a communication tool and a deterrent for potential intruders. When it comes to storage options, flexibility is key; choose between local storage on a microSD card (up to 128GB, not included) or subscribe to Tapo Care for cloud storage and additional features like motion tracking.

The Tapo C200 excels in smart home integration, working seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice-activated control and easy viewing on larger displays. The device sharing feature is especially useful for families, allowing multiple users to view the camera feed simultaneously. Simple setup ensures you’re up and running in minutes, and the ability to support up to 32 cameras means you can scale up your home security system as needed.

This security camera supports viewing of up to 4 camera feeds simultaneously, with the capability to manage up to 32 cameras. With voice activation feature, you can effortlessly control your camera and view feeds through Alexa or Google Assistant. The installation process is quick as it just takes 3 simple steps to setup.

TP-Link offers a 1-year warranty and customer support, ensuring you have the necessary backing for a reliable security system. For specifics on warranty and customer support, you can visit TP-Link’s official website or contact their customer service directly.

Key Features

  • Resolution: Delivers high-quality imagery with 1080P Full HD resolution, capturing every detail with precision.
  • Field of View: Offers expansive room coverage with 360° horizontal and 114° vertical pan/tilt.
  • Frame Rate: Provides smooth video playback, ensuring you don’t miss any detail (specific frame rate not provided).


  • High-resolution 1080P Full HD video quality
  • Wide field of view with 360° horizontal and 114° vertical range
  • Instant motion detection notifications with no additional fees
  • Dual storage options with local microSD and cloud storage through Tapo Care
  • Seamless smart home integration with Alexa and Google Home
  • Multi-user device sharing feature for family access


  • MicroSD card for local storage is not included
  • The camera is designed primarily for indoor use only

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4. eufy Security Camera

eufy Security Camera eufy Security Camera

Eufy Security is dedicated to crafting smart, connected devices that enhance security and privacy, ensuring your personal moments stay private and your home stays secure. The eufy Security Indoor Cam C120 is a feature-rich, versatile camera, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance the security and convenience of their indoor spaces.

The eufy Security Indoor Cam C120 is designed with your security and privacy in mind. The camera’s on-device AI intelligently discerns between human and pet movements, ensuring it records only relevant events. Coupled with smart integration, it seamlessly connects to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa for effortless control.

In low light conditions, the camera’s advanced night vision capabilities ensure you won’t miss a thing. The two-way audio feature allows for real-time communication, making it perfect for monitoring babies, pets, or general indoor surveillance. The built-in AI also alerts you to excessive noise levels, so you’re always in the know when your attention is needed.

When it comes to storage options, eufy provides flexibility with dual storage possibilities: opt for local storage with a microSD card (not included) or choose cloud storage, both designed to keep your data secure and private. The camera’s activity zones feature allows you to customize detection areas, minimizing unnecessary alerts and focusing on what truly matters.

With instant detection & mobile alerts, you can get notified immediately when motion is detected, with the option to view the footage right on your smartphone. It comes with customize detection areas to suit the layout of your home, ensuring you receive alerts that matter. Amazon offers a comprehensive a 30-day return guarantee and dedicated customer support to assist with any questions or concerns.

Key Features

  • Resolution: Captures crystal-clear footage in 2K clarity, ensuring every detail is visible (1080P while using HomeKit).
  • Field of View: This security camera comes with 125° wide visibility
  • Frame Rate: It provides comprehensive coverage and smooth video playback with 24 FPS


  • High 2K resolution for superior image clarity
  • Smart integration with popular voice assistants for easy control
  • Advanced night vision for clear monitoring in low light
  • Two-way audio for real-time communication
  • Customizable activity zones and instant mobile alerts for efficient monitoring
  • Flexible storage options with robust security measures


  • MicroSD card for local storage is not included
  • Specific warranty details not mentioned by the manufacturer

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5. GALAYOU Security Camera

GALAYOU Security Camera GALAYOU Security Camera

GALAYOU, with 20 years of dedication and expertise in the IP camera industry, stands as a leading manufacturer, committed to delivering high-value security cameras that prioritize your privacy and security.

GALAYOU’s WiFi Camera G7 brings cutting-edge surveillance into your home, offering 2K resolution for unparalleled clarity and detail. Its advanced night vision capabilities, with 6pcs 940nm infrared LEDs, ensure visibility up to 33 feet even in complete darkness. Although the camera operates on 2.4GHz WiFi, it does not support 5GHz.

The camera’s 24/7 real-time motion alert system is designed to monitor sensitive activities, promptly notifying you of any movement, be it your baby, pet, or an unexpected visitor. With the smart siren feature, it can deter potential intruders effectively.

Remote monitoring is enhanced with two-way audio, enabling you to communicate with your loved ones or ward off intruders from anywhere. When it comes to storage options, you are covered with both local (supports up to 128GB micro-SD card, not included) and cloud storage, ensuring your data is secure and accessible.

Smart home enthusiasts will appreciate the camera’s compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, allowing for seamless integration and voice control within your smart home ecosystem. GALAYOU’s G7 camera excels in versatility and user-friendliness. The compact and flexible design makes it suitable for any space, while motion-triggered sirens and instant alerts keep you informed of any activity in real-time.

Privacy protection modes offer peace of mind, allowing you to disable recording or cover specific areas. Sharing the camera with family members is easy, ensuring everyone can enjoy the peace and security it offers. GALAYOU provides a robust warranty and professional after-sales support, reflecting its commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.

Key Features

  • Resolution: Delivers stunning visual clarity with a 2K resolution, ensuring every detail is captured.
  • Field of View: Provides a wide 106° field of view, covering a substantial area without the need for constant repositioning.
  • Frame Rate: Offers smooth video playback with a frame rate of 15 fps, capturing every moment with precision.


  • High-resolution 2K video quality for clear and detailed imagery
  • Enhanced night vision up to 33 ft for reliable 24/7 monitoring
  • Real-time motion alerts and smart siren for proactive security
  • Flexible storage options with local and cloud storage
  • Smart home integration with Alexa and Google Home for convenient control
  • Compact and user-friendly design, suitable for various indoor settings


  • Does not support 5GHz WiFi, only 2.4GHz
  • MicroSD card for local storage is not included

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6. WYZE Security Camera

WYZE Security Camera WYZE Security Camera

Wyze is revolutionizing the home security market with innovative, affordable products designed to make smart home technology accessible to everyone. With a focus on user-friendly design and reliability, Wyze continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible indoor monitoring.

Wyze Cam OG is your all-seeing eye, offering 24/7 live streaming with color night vision, ensuring your home is monitored day and night in high-definition. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with an IP65 rating, it’s resilient against harsh weather conditions. The built-in 40lm spotlight and mini-siren act as powerful deterrents for intruders, enhancing your home’s security.

Stay informed with motion/sound notifications, and customize detection zones to focus on areas that matter most. Choose between cloud recording or local storage on a microSD card (supports up to 256GB, sold separately) for continuous recording without extra fees.

The two-way audio feature enables you to interact with guests or pets, and you can effortlessly mount the camera anywhere with the included stand and wall mount. Wyze Cam OG boasts a CMOS Starlight Sensor for superior night vision, and you can set up smart home integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT for enhanced convenience. Enjoy creative features like time-lapse recording and share access with family members for a connected experience.

The smoke and CO alerts add an extra layer of safety, ensuring you are promptly informed about potential hazards. Wyze offers 1-year comprehensive warranty and dedicated customer support to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Resolution: Captures sharp, clear images with a 1080p FHD resolution.
  • Field of View: Offers expansive coverage with a 120-degree diagonal field of view.
  • Frame Rate: Provides smooth video with a day time rate of 20FPS and a night time rate of 15FPS.


  • High-resolution video quality with 1080p FHD
  • Wide field of view and effective frame rate for clear, smooth footage
  • Color night vision with Starlight Sensor for low-light conditions
  • Dual storage options with local microSD and cloud storage
  • Smart home integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
  • IP65 weather resistance for indoor and outdoor use


  • MicroSD card for local storage is not included
  • Limited to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity

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7. Litokam Security Camera

Litokam Security CameraLitokam Security Camera

Litokam is dedicated to enhancing home security through innovative technology, providing high-quality, user-friendly surveillance solutions that integrate seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem.

Litokam’s indoor camera stands out with its Ultra 2K resolution and advanced night vision. Equipped with high-tech optics and 6 IR LEDs, it ensures detailed, clear images up to 33 ft, even in total darkness. The motion and baby crying detection features send instant alerts to your phone, keeping you informed of your home’s security or your baby’s well-being. For added security, the smart siren can be activated to deter intruders.

Two-way audio functionality allows you to communicate with your family or pets from anywhere. The camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to view live feeds via simple voice commands. Storage options are flexible, offering double storage with a TF card (up to 128GB, not included) or cloud storage, featuring high-level encryption to ensure your data’s security.

Litokam’s indoor camera supports multi-user access, allowing unlimited users to view live feeds simultaneously on both iPhone and Android devices. You can share your camera with friends and family for shared monitoring or memorable moments. The “littlelf smart” app facilitates the addition of multiple cameras, displaying up to 16 live videos on one screen, ensuring you never miss a moment even when away from home.

Key Features

  • Resolution: Delivers superior clarity with Ultra 2K HD resolution and 3X digital zoom for detailed imagery.
  • Field of View & Frame Rate: Offers comprehensive surveillance coverage (specific are details not provided by the manufacturer).


  • High-resolution 2K video quality for clear and detailed images
  • Advanced night vision up to 33 ft for reliable monitoring in low light
  • Motion and baby crying detection with smart siren for enhanced security
  • Two-way audio for real-time communication
  • Flexible storage options with local TF card and cloud storage
  • Smart home integration with Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient control
  • Supports multi-user access and multiple live video feeds


  • TF card for local storage is not included
  • Specific field of view and frame rate details are not provided

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How to Choose the Best Cheap Security Cameras?

When scouting for the best cheap security cameras, it’s crucial to balance cost with functionality. Below is a detailed buying guide focusing on key features to consider:

1. Resolution

Resolution is pivotal in defining the sharpness and clarity of the footage captured by your security camera. A higher resolution translates to more pixels, which means finer details can be seen distinctly.

Cameras with 1080p resolution are standard and provide adequate clarity for most needs, but 4K resolution offers exceptional detail, crucial for identifying features or license plates. However, higher resolution videos require more storage space and higher bandwidth for streaming.

2. Field of View

FOV of a camera denotes the extent of the observable world it can capture at any given moment. A broader field of view allows you to monitor a larger area, potentially reducing the number of cameras required for complete coverage.

Narrower fields are suitable for focusing on specific areas like doorways or gates. Typical security cameras offer between 90° to 140° field of view. Your choice should be informed by the specific areas you need to monitor and the level of detail required.

3. Frame Rate

Frame rate, measured in frames per second (fps), determines how smoothly video plays. A higher frame rate results in more fluid, less choppy footage, vital for capturing fast-moving actions clearly.

Most standard security cameras offer 30fps, which is sufficient for general surveillance. However, for areas with high activity or for capturing high-speed events, a higher frame rate may be beneficial.

4. Motion Detection

Motion detection in security cameras is a feature that alerts you when activity is detected, enhancing security by focusing attention on possible threats or significant events.

Advanced cameras allow for setting sensitivity levels and specific zones for detection, minimizing false alarms triggered by irrelevant movements.

This feature is crucial for monitoring high-traffic areas and for efficient storage management, as it allows cameras to record only when necessary.

5. Night Vision

Night vision is vital for continuous monitoring, especially in low-light conditions. Cameras equipped with infrared (IR) night vision use IR LEDs to illuminate the area, allowing the camera to capture clear, discernible images even in complete darkness. When choosing, consider the range of the night vision and the number of IR LEDs, as these factors determine how far and how clearly, you’ll be able to see at night.

6. Audio

Audio features, including microphones and speakers, facilitate two-way communication through your camera. This can be incredibly useful for interacting remotely with visitors or warding off intruders. Ensure the camera has clear audio quality and consider how you might utilize this feature, whether for communication or for enhancing security through audio alerts.

7. Storage Options

The method of storing your security footage is a crucial consideration. Local storage options, like microSD cards, provide control and quick access to your data but might offer limited space.

Cloud storage solutions offer expansive space and the convenience of remote access but typically come with ongoing subscription costs.

Assess your storage needs, considering factors like the length of footage you intend to keep and the ease of access you require.

8. Smart Home Integration

For those invested in a smart home ecosystem, selecting a camera that integrates with your existing setup is beneficial. Compatibility with systems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa enables streamlined control and automation, making your security system not just a monitoring tool but an integral part of your smart home, enhancing overall security and user convenience.

9. Weather Resistance

Outdoor cameras must withstand various weather conditions. An Ingress Protection (IP) rating reflects a camera’s resistance to elements like dust and water. High IP-rated cameras ensure durability and consistent performance, even in adverse weather, safeguarding your investment and maintaining surveillance integrity.

10. Connectivity

Connectivity is crucial for camera functionality. Wi-Fi cameras provide convenience and remote access, but depend on your network’s strength and range. Wired cameras, while requiring a more complex setup, offer reliability and consistent performance, independent of network fluctuations. Choose based on your installation preferences and network capacity.

11. Warranty

A good warranty can protect your investment. Check the length of the warranty and what it covers. Longer warranties or those offering comprehensive protection can provide peace of mind.

Best Cheap Security Cameras – FAQs

1. What is the price range for the most budget-friendly home security cameras?

Ans: You can come across home security cameras that are gentle on the wallet, some priced below $50, online. Noteworthy picks in this range not only come with essential features but also perks like complimentary cloud storage, and one even includes an extra accessory that enhances its pan-tilt capabilities.

2. Between wired and wireless security cameras, which is more dependable?

Ans: If reliability is your top priority, wired security systems have an edge over their wireless counterparts. The effectiveness of wireless systems is subject to limitations, like a maximum range of about 300 feet and potential interference from physical barriers. Moreover, wired setups ensure a steady video quality, unaffected by the inconsistencies of wireless bandwidth.

3. Do wireless cameras have the capability to operate independently of the internet?

Ans: Internet connectivity is a must for cameras that depend on cloud storage for recording. However, models designed to save footage directly onto SD cards, hard drives, or local network systems can function smoothly without an internet connection.

4. Is it common for security cameras to record non-stop?

Ans: Recording protocols differ among security camera models. While certain cameras are equipped to provide uninterrupted recording around the clock, others may adopt alternative recording strategies, such as being activated by motion or recording according to a preset schedule.

5. What is the expected service life of a typical security camera?

Ans: Generally, you can anticipate a security camera to serve its purpose well for a minimum of 5 years. Certain models of superior quality have the potential to remain operational for over a decade.


The market’s evolution has ushered in a new era of affordable security solutions, allowing homeowners to safeguard their sanctuaries without stretching their budgets.

Whether you’re monitoring a cozy indoor space or keeping an eye on outdoor activities, these cameras offer a range of features designed to cater to diverse surveillance needs.

The best cheap security cameras we’ve explored embody a blend of high-quality imagery, smart integrations, and user-friendly functionalities, all while maintaining affordability.

Our top considerations for the best cheap security cameras include

  • Blink Security Camera – Offers a small and discreet form factor, making it ideal for subtle placement without compromising surveillance quality.

  • Wansview Security Camera – Features a broad field of view, ensuring extensive area coverage, making it suitable for larger spaces.

  • TP-Link Security Camera – Offers seamless compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a top choice for those invested in smart home ecosystems.

Was the information mentioned here helpful to make an informed decision. But still have any concerns, then write to us in the comment section. 

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