Facebook turns 20, says “I love you, dad” to Mark Zuckerberg

What’s the thing you use daily, yet you haven’t used for a couple of years now?

That’s Facebook, of course! There’s an abundance of Facebook users that despite logging in daily gave up posting photos (there’s Instagram), uploading videos (that’s what TikTok is for) and writing down thoughts (X/Twitter is alive and kicking, despite Meta’s Threads threat). And many just gave up manifesting their private lives on the web.

Facebook, however, turns 20 in February 2024 and 20 is a serious number, so we can’t just pass it by.

“20 years in. Still at it.”, says Zuck on Instagram and shares a “before-after” photo of him, standing in front of a computer, allegedly from 2004 and 2024.

Facebook’s official Instagram account comments “I love you, dad” on another post from Zuck that commemorates the anniversary, this time a short compilation video:
Engadget’s report makes the observation that 20 years later, “Facebook is a supporting character in the Mark Zuckerberg universe”.

That could be a side effect of a survey that found three out of four adult Americans believe Facebook is “making society worse”. Or, perhaps, fewer people could be active on Facebook because of Meta’s decision to redesign Facebook’s feed and instead of seeing their friends’ posts, users are now bombarded with recommendations from “random” groups and pages (the algorithm is supposed to give you what you want, but some people report they got only irrelevant suggestions).

The report underlines that the ones who are the least likely to interact with the Facebook app are teenagers. No surprises here. If you wonder where the youth are hanging out online these days, you’ve probably never heard of TikTok, YouTube and Discord.

Just a third of US teens report “ever” using Facebook. That’s a pretty dramatic drop from the 71% of teens who used it in 2015. “These dynamics, in which Facebook’s user base is aging faster than its product, has led some academics to conclude that the social network will one day have more profiles for dead people than alive”, reads the article.

Today, Facebook has more than 3 billion monthly users. Are you one of those who just log in and keep silent, or are you still making Facebook posts?

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