How to protect your child online

Whether it’s to learn, play games, or watch their favorite content, your child likely spends a lot of time online, and with the technology rapidly evolving (take Apple’s Vision Pro, for example), perpetual connectivity is going to be the norm, even for children. So, as a parent or caregiver in 2024, you need to take proactive measures to protect your child from the dangers of the internet, such as data theft, cyberbullying, and illegal surveillance.

Tom’s Guide experts have reviewed the best security software in the industry and suggest installing a high-quality VPN, an antivirus, and a password manager on your child’s device(s). Together, these tools will hide your child’s internet activities from snoopers, safeguard their device from malware and viruses, and prevent their personal details from leaking to the web and therefore falling into the wrong hands. 

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