Asciidoc FX – Download

Asciidoc FX is a specialized and very functional piece of software that provides you with a set of useful features, advanced format capabilities and support for a wide array of files in order to create ebooks.

This said, by relying on this utility you can quickly design from the ground up or edit already existing PDF, Epub, HTML, Mobi, ODT and Docbook ebooks with the help of Asciidoc and the Markdown language on Windows, macOS and Linux alike.

As long as you make sure that Java is installed on your computer’s system, getting started with this app should not pose any kind of difficulty, mainly thanks to its streamlined installer.

Once installed and upon first launching the app, you are greeted by a well-thought out main window. Besides its simplistic UI, clearly geared towards accessibility, the main thing that stands out right off the bat is the app’s real-time preview feature.

The left side of the main window is the place where you can have all the materials you require for building your ebook, the middle part is dedicated to the actual editor, while the right side is the place where you can preview all the changes in real time.

Of course, the app makes it possible for you to work with multiple documents at the same time and, as expected, it packs a built-in Epub Viewer, a syntax highlighter, and a table generator. You should also know that the utility comes with support for external web browsers.

Based solely on its looks, you may be tempted to think that this tool cannot cope with complicated diagrams, charts or other types technical content but that is not entirely the case as Asciidoc FX comes with support for PlantUML, MathJax, Filesystem Tree, Nashorn and JavaFX Charts extensions.

Taking everything into consideration, Asciidoc FX is a practical and reliable tool for either editing already existing ebooks or for creating them from the ground up.

The app may not look apart but it offers a good package of features, it comes with support for some of the most common ebook formats and, probably even better, its functionality can be extended with the help of extensions.

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