Best smart telescopes in 2024: Observe and image the cosmos

Best smart telescopes 2024: Jump Menu

The best smart telescopes have revolutionized the way we explore the night sky by effortlessly merging imaging technology with astronomy. Smart telescopes come equipped with integrated electronics, connectivity features and are largely controlled via smartphone apps that enhance your stargazing experience. Designed for both novice astronomers and seasoned stargazers, smart telescopes cater to a wide range of users with different experience levels.

Although they often come with a steep price tag, smart telescopes are user-friendly, easy to set up and have a sleek, stylish design. They’re not too complicated for beginners to use thanks to their simple interface, automation and extensive databases. Plus, they’re powerful enough to see you through for years to come without the danger of outgrowing it as your skills grow. You won’t end up buying a ‘beginner telescope’ and then having to upgrade a year or so later.

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