Uni leads $2.3M project for in-orbit satellite maintenance

The University of Sydney has embarked on a $2.3 million project to develop autonomous robotic maintenance crews for satellites while they orbit in space.

Dr. Xiaofeng Wu, a Senior Lecturer in Space Engineering at the University’s School of Aerospace, Mechanical, and Mechatronic Engineering, aims to create robotic satellite technologies capable of conducting in-orbit repairs and maintenance tasks.

These efforts are supported by SmartSat CRC and several industry partners based in New South Wales, including Abyss Solutions, ANT61, Space Machines Company, Sperospace, and Spiral Blue.

What is In-Situ Autonomous Maintenance (ISAM)?

The project, known as In-Situ Autonomous Maintenance (ISAM), comes at a crucial time as the number of satellites and spacecraft in orbit escalates rapidly. With this surge, the risk of malfunctions and collisions also increases, necessitating innovative solutions for servicing and upgrading satellites in space to extend their operational lifespans.

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