Helium Streamer – Download

Helium is a popular audio manager, with a built-in player that enables you to enjoy your favorite songs while organizing the music collection. But if you want to listen to the music in your Helium directories on the go, you will also need Helium Streamer.

As its name suggests, Helium Streamer is designed to provide on-going streaming of music in your Helium library. All you need to start playing the songs is a web browser that can access the server’s address. In other words, Helium Streamer makes it possible for you to access your music regardless of your location and the device you are using.

For your convenience, Helium Streamer will automatically detect if Helium is installed on your computer and link to its database during the installation. Don’t worry if you don’t have Helium installed beforehand, as you can select its database from the Streamer’s Settings window.

The Helium Streamer launcher monitors the status of the service and offers information about the web-based client, such as the LAN and the external IP addresses, and the port number used for communicating with the web-based application. Furthermore, it enables you to change the music database and configure the credentials of the default user.

Moving on to the web-based client, note that anyone who accesses it will have to log in using the password of the default user.

If its interface looks familiar to you, it’s due to the fact that it attempts to preserve the same layout as the Helium audio manager. You can browse all the tracks in the library, and sort it by artist, genre, label, and such similar criteria.

The built-in player features basic controls, allowing you to jump back and forth the current song, adjust the volume, and add a track to the current playlist. Just like in Helium, you can send a song to your favorites list and rate it.

Used together with Helium, the Streamer application is perfect for listening to music when away from the PC. It only requires the Streamer launcher to be installed on the same PC as Helium and the music library will be accessible from any web browser, on any device. A Premium license of the Streamer includes dedicated iOS and Android clients to make things even easier.

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