Helldivers 2 FAQ: Everything you need to know

One of 2024’s most significant gaming success stories thus far has been Helldivers 2, a direct sequel to the oft-forgotten 2015 top-down shooter Helldivers. Though the sequel retains the first game’s tense co-op gameplay and its Starship Troopers-esque satirical comedy, it brings the series to the third-person perspective and features much grittier (and higher fidelity) presentation.

Following its release on February 8, it’s thrived, with Helldivers 2 breaking a new record for PlayStation Studios by surpassing 150,000 concurrent players on Steam. Since then, it’s also been at the top of the Steam Top Sellers chart, outselling even Palworld as well as other popular new games like Enshrouded. Developer Arrowhead Game Studios even announced that it’s sold about a million copies.

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