Gemini AI is now rolling out to the Google app on iOS

Gemini on iPhone 15 Pro

Adamya Sharma / Android Authority


  • Google Gemini is now rolling out on iOS via the Google app.
  • The update comes with version 303.3 of the Google for iOS app.
  • You can use text, voice, images, and your camera to interact with Gemini on iOS

Google is rapidly expanding the rollout of its Assistant-replacing Gemini AI. Not only is the dedicated Gemini Android app rolling out in more countries as per the AI chatbot’s product lead, but Gemini has also arrived on iOS through the Google app.

If you’re an iPhone user, you won’t be able to access Gemini through a dedicated app like on Android. However, you can enable the AI in your Google app through a toggle that sits right on top.

Once you’ve opted in for Gemini, your Google app will change accordingly and let you switch between the regular search and discover interface and the Gemini interface with a prominent prompt box at the bottom.

You’ll have to press the microphone button to talk to Gemini and press the send button to submit your queries. The responses are also not read out automatically. You’ll have to press the speaker icon if you want to listen to the generated response.

You can use text, voice, images, and your camera to interact with Gemini on iOS. The AI can provide summaries of complex topics, generate code, write texts like thank you notes and emails, create custom images, and more.

Obviously, since this is iOS and it has its own baked-in assistant namely Siri, you can’t do things like bring up Gemini on any screen for contextual help. That’s restricted to Android phones only.

Fortunately, it looks like Apple is also working on new AI features for iPhones and we might see them drop with iOS 18. We’re hoping they make for a worthy replacement for Siri.

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